Go On – Give Yourself A Pay Rise


If you have an auto-responder series set-up and humming along, ask yourself this: How good is my conversion rate? And should I be making more money from this series, as well as from other emails I send to my list? Of course you should. And one of the best ways to start making more money (aside from building a relationship with your list) is to start testing and tracking your emails. So here are some hints and tips that could vastly improve the performance of your sales funnels…

If you send out messages and offers without ever tracking or testing your emails, you won’t have any idea what your list responds to best. For example, maybe you have a product you’ve been selling in your initial auto-responder series, and about 1% of your list buys it.

Now imagine if you rotated the products in your initial email series, and you found that a different product converted at 2%. If the products are the same prices, then with a few minutes’ worth of work you doubled your income from that one email. And if this better-converting product has a higher ticket price and commission, then you could easily put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket just from that one tiny change!

The good news is that many of the big auto-responder services provide some of tracking statistics you need. For example, you can:

  • Track to see how many people opened your email. This stat is useful for testing email subject lines.
  • Use tracking links inside your emails so you can get your click-through rate. You can put multiple links in your emails and see which one people are most likely to click. This information helps you figure out at what point in your sales pitch people were ready to make the buying decision.

Tracking links can also help you diagnose if there’s a problem with the sales page. For example, if you get a LOT of people clicking on your affiliate links but very few people actually buy, then perhaps the sales page is weak. You may need to do a better job of pre-selling. Or you may need to test the current product against a similar product.

Alternatively, if not very many people even bother clicking on your affiliate link, then you know your pre-sell and your call to action are weak. You’ll want to test this.

  • Split your list and send slightly different versions of your emails or offers to see which ones get you the best response. Here you can test everything from the actual content of your emails to the products you’re promoting. Once you figure out what content and which offers return the best results, you can re-send that email to your list periodically.
  • Send emails to people who performed a specific action (for example, you can send emails to a group who opened your last email, while sending a different email to people who did NOT open your last email).

And so on.

The point is, there are many different things you can test, and most auto-responders make it easy for you to do so. Once you know what works, it’s like giving yourself an instant pay raise.

TIP: You can also use additional testing and tracking tools like Google Analytics or A/B split-testing scripts, but these are only useful if you’re sending people to your own web page (such as when you’re testing the headlines, opener, call to action and other parts of your squeeze page).

If you take the time to test your auto-responder email series and analyse performance, there is no question that you will improve your income.

Just remember that very few people actually take the trouble to look after their list and therefore miss out on a very creative way to give themselves a pay rise.

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