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I would like to share with you a very simple tip to get your emails noticed. This simple tip will make your emails stand out in your mail recipients inbox from the dozens of other emails they receive. Even more it only it only takes a few minutes to do.

Have you noticed that in your inbox all the emails are lined up and you have to scroll through them to find the name of the sender you are looking for. This can be quite a task if you have dozens of unread emails. Some senders names are in capital letters and some are just listed with the senders email address. The effect is still the same, they all appear in a long list and there is nothing that really sets them apart. If you have deleted the message it can be an even greater task looking through many pages of deleted emails.

When you send an email your recipient has the same problem. What will set your message apart. If your business depends on getting your emails noticed them this little tip can make all the difference in converting a prospect into a customer.

If you use one of the many email programs on your PC you will already have the solution at hand. Not only that but it will only take only a few minutes to set up and get your emails noticed.

Here’s how to do it. Click on the Email menu on your PC. Scroll down to the Internet Accounts menu. On Windows Mail and Outlook it is found under the Tools menu. On Windows Live it is found under the Accounts menu.

Then click on the Properties menu. Go to the User Information tab. In the Username box will be the name that will appear in your recipients inbox. Here is the simple trick to get your emails noticed. Just insert a couple of asterisks or dashes before and after your name so it looks like this **Jonathan Bruce Jarvis**. Then save the changes you have made by clicking Apply and OK.

Test it by sending an email to yourself and you will see that your name will be offset from the rest of the messages in your inbox and the dashes will give your name extra emphasis. You can experiment by using different symbols such as stars or dollar signs. A good source different symbols to insert can be found by accessing the special characters section on your PC.

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