Generating Leads With Squeeze Pages Revealed


Want to know the best way to generate leads online? It’s not by having an opt-in form on the side of your web page. It’s not by telling people to email you at your autoresponder email list. And it’s not by purchasing a bunch of leads. The BEST way to generate lots of targeted leads online is by using a squeeze page.

A “squeeze page” is a small web page all designed to capture a lead. Because of its 1 main purpose, you will a ton of leads this way. If you lead someone to your website that has a lot of content, images, graphics, ads, and products… they will probably overlook your opt-in form, and may just click on a few things, or exit your site altogether. And this may be a lead that never returns.

Squeeze pages aren’t hard to create at all. You can design them yourself (if you have website creation skills and experience), you can hire a graphics designer, or you can use templates to use (which isn’t a bad idea). But you should know that even some of the ugliest squeeze pages can convert very well for you.

I’ve had ugly squeeze pages convert more leads than elaborate squeeze pages. So don’t think you have to be some sort of design expert. In some niches, people convert more, and in other niches, getting people to convert is a tough thing to do. Nevertheless, the more leads you get, the more money you will make.

Sometimes you can’t rely on 1 marketing strategy to get you the best results. You should make it a point to do both. The more targeted ways to get traffic to your site, the better. You need to become a master at generating traffic, and getting people to subscribe to your email list.

Consider offering a free item. This could be a free report, mug, eBook, video, MP3 audio, t-shirt, flash drive, and etc. Offering an incentive is a great way to convince someone to sign up to your list and start marketing to them. So if right now you just have an opt-in form on your site without some sort of free offer… you should change that. It will boost response.

Your goal is to get very good at generating leads so that you can get as much as possible. The more leads you get, the higher your chances are at making money every day in your business. I’ve seen it happen before with others, and I’ve seen it happen in my business also. This is not theory, this is fact – and a very effective one too.

Make sure everything beyond the opt-in page works. Make sure you have a good autoresponder sequence lined up; make sure you have lots of emails in your autoresponder; make sure you sign up with a good email marketing company; and make sure everything can be put on autopilot – so that you can enjoy your profits.

Take these tips for generating leads and using squeeze pages and use them in your online business today. They’re effective, and will more than likely work for you in the long run.

Good luck with your email marketing efforts.

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