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Having trouble building an email list? Offer new subscribers a free report, eBook or discount on their first order to encourage them to sign up. Even though this tactic has been around since the dawn of marketing, many newbie Internet marketers simply don’t take the time to incorporate free stuff into their email campaigns.

What to Offer?

Offering free stuff is great, but how do you know what to offer to get people to sign up? Well, that depends on the types of subscribers you’re trying to attract. Understanding your niche market (the group of people you’re writing great email content for to sell specific goods and services to) is key to managing an on-going and successful Internet sales business.

When creating your landing page, learn as much as you can about your market so you can provide quality email content along with free stuff and other offers in the beginning. Free stuff includes:

· Informational reports

· How-to eBooks

· Subscription to your weekly newsletter

· Free daily tips

· Percentage off first purchase

Use an autoresponder program to send a welcome message that includes links or redemption codes for your website so new subscribers can download free materials or redeem their discount coupon.

Increase Sales

You can monitor when subscribers use their discount code using email tracking software. If new subscribers haven’t redeemed their coupon within two weeks, send a follow-up email gently encouraging them to do so. This is important if you’ve included an expiration date on the coupon. Remind subscribers how many days they have left to redeem the coupon. Include a link to your website or product pages for their convenience.

Encourage Referrals

You can also use free stuff to increase referrals. Chances are good that those on your subscriber list know other people with similar interests and needs for the goods and services you provide. Offer a discount or other free stuff to subscribers when they pass along your information. Create a referral link to track the number of referrals and which subscribers they come from. Reward subscribers at the end of the month.

Something for Nothing (Almost)

Giving subscribers something for nothing (except their email address) is easier than you think. If you have reports you no longer sell or a collection of blog posts from a year ago, bundle them together to use as a free gift. Even though you may have used these items in the past, new subscribers won’t know that. This is a great way to recycle old, but still relevant materials, to save time and money in having to create brand new materials.

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