Free Kool-Aid Anyone?


I hope that, in light of Jim Jones’ role in the tragic suicide deaths of 913 members of the People’s Temple Cult, your answer would be, “Heck no!”

What started out as a seemingly harmless mission for the sick, underprivileged, homeless, and jobless inhabitants turned into an inhumane genocide now known as “The Jonestown Massacre.” In response to the criticism embedded in a few negative press reports, Jim Jones, the leader of the People’s Temple Cult, convinced his followers to relocate to a remote community in the South American jungle called Jonestown, Guyana. The instant that he felt he was losing his control over his previously subservient “flock,” he forced them all to drink Kool-Aid spiked with a fatal dosage of potassium cyanide.

It’s no surprise that humans oftentimes fall into the control of those who appear to be credible, honorable, and trustworthy on the outside, yet have a hidden agenda that is exposed only after it’s too late. To the dismay of most, we encounter companies like this every day. Maybe their hidden agendas do not mirror the devious schemes of notorious Jim Jones, but that does not mean that they should be overlooked.

As an Email Service Provider (ESP), we receive an influx of calls from those who are disappointed with the results of their email deliverability and come to us for answers and for other email marketing software solutions. About 99% of the time, we can directly link the reason for their poor deliverability to the credibility rating of their current Email Service Provider.

The story is always the same. A beginner in the field of email marketing searches for an outwardly “reliable” company to handle their email deployments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However, that beginner is, in most cases, far more enticed by the cost savings of the cheap software providers that put on the face of credibility rather than the real players in the game who have devoted their entire careers to achieving unparalleled deliverability.

If you find a provider of email marketing software solutions that is willing to mail 5 MM emails a month for, let’s say, $400.00, you might as well just take a match and set that pretty penny on fire. You’re IP addresses will be managed improperly, and you will be blacklisted just about everywhere. No wonder you’re getting a 0.001% open rate. And, to top it off, the IP addresses are completely worthless and would be better off if they were flushed down the toilet.

A reputable email software provider will install and configure your mail server and DNS properly to enable you to deliver email in bulk with great deliverability, manage your IP addresses so that you achieve enhanced white listings with all major ISPs, and provide free technical support so that none of your questions remain unanswered.

While price is not always a clear indicator of product or service quality, you should always be skeptical of those that cost significantly lower than the rest. The bottom line? You get what you pay for. Invest in something that is going to get you results, not drive you to your grave. Don’t be tempted by the free Kool-Aid, because you never know what you are going to get.

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