Focus on Email Marketing for Expanding Your Reach


If you’ve wondered why your top ranking website still the business doesn’t seem flooded with orders. It could be possible that you are reaching out to the web, but may still be far from your targeted customers. What do you do to ensure that the right customer sees and hears you, right? Use email marketing strategies to hit the right audience.

Need proof, here it is:

Some of the studies have reported email marketing as the most successful and profitable channel that it gives the highest ROI. The email marketing budget is one of the top three business expenditure for 2013.

If the above stats have really got you interested, continue reading to find out what exactly is email marketing and why is it effective: Email marketing is a low-cost, practical and engaging tool that lets you reach your target audience proactively, to increase sales. The high success ratio of this method is due to certain key facts:

1. It is a proactive and targeted approach to reach the right audience.

2. It has a broader reach as email is a very commonly used communication channel, both for formal as well as informal dialogue.

3. It allows you to engage your readers and create excitement.

4. Email marketing doesn’t intrude upon the reader, hence less offensive.

5. Most important, it can throw up data and analysis easily to assess the effectiveness of a campaign.

A good email marketing targets to engage and educate the readers apart from putting up a sales pitch. You can aim to send

• Newsletters-This is circulated at least monthly (or even more often) and is mostly read as the readers subscribe to it. This provides regular updates on the industry and trend, in addition to company specific information. When using this strategy, the information provided should been egaging, to hold the reader’s interest.

• Press releases – This strategy aims to get the latest updates on the company reach its customers, be it new products, new promotional schemes, or announce upcoming events etc.

• Promo emails commonly used to lure existing customers to give repeat business through promotions & discounts

• Surveys – These are great to gather real issues and problems of the users and customers and then create solutions to meet the expectations. This could be for your existing products or new ones.

• Invitations and thank-you emails the former is used to invite the reader to a special event like a web-conference while the latter is for the building a good rapport with the customers and inviting them to reach out to you with views and queries.

Well-planned email marketing campaigns can go a long way in increasing the sales figures due to their high success ratio and low-cost figures. For this purpose, professional agencies can help you develop a highly effective email campaign that not only retains your existing subscribers and customers but also increase your new sales revenue.

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