Five Tips for Email Marketing


Email is one of the most-effective direct marketing tools. Used effectively it has the potential to increase sales by a significant margin. But most marketers jump in without giving much thought on planning the marketing campaign. Below are 5 points to consider in the process of increasing the effectiveness of this direct marketing practice:

Understand the prospect – A poorly targeted email marketing campaign is certain to mean failure. Irrespective of the quality of the commercial email, it isn’t likely to succeed if it is not targeted towards the specific members on the email marketing list. A customized email message and landing page has to relate to the specific audience segment. Unrelated marketing campaigns that don’t speak direct to the audience are certain to get ignored and get sent to the trash without being read.

Compose an intriguing subject line – Use a direct and concise subject line to grab the attention of the recipient. A well written subject is certain to help with increase the chances of having the message opened. This point often means the difference between success and complete failure. Aim to compose the intelligent subject line.

Keep it simple – Aim to compile the short and direct marketing message, rather than long-winded. Since a recipient’s inbox can get full with other content, it helps to respect their time and send the brief message. A direct to the point message is certain to help with increasing the chances of it being read and positive action taken.

Personalized the message – A personalized message is definitely more appealing to read than those that sound like they are machine generated. Even if planning to send a campaign message to a long email list, it is still quite a straightforward process to personalize a message using the latest subscription email tools.

Space out the message – Rather than send daily email messages, a preferred practice is to pace the messages and only send when you there is someone new or relevant to announce.

Flooding the recipient’s inbox with countless messages has the potential to get you classed as a spammer. A high volume of messages sent within a short period can also result in more people clicking on the un-subscribe button. Good email marketing practices suggest no more than one message per week. Although this rule is ignored if you originally offered to send frequent emails, such as those on traffic reports, breaking news, or daily deals.

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