Five Principles That Are Basic To Getting Free Search Engine Traffic


Search engine traffic is the life-blood of most successful online businesses. In order to be a growing, healthy ongoing business, a steady stream of traffic needs to keep flowing to your site in order for you to get leads or buyers for your proposal. Traffic can come from many different sources, but organic traffic is probably the best source for most internet marketers because it’s unlimited, it’s free and if done properly can be unending.

Always keep in mind, however, lot’s of traffic by itself doesn’t guarantee online success. I come from Chicago and every business day hundreds of thousands of cars are on the expressways during rush hour. Putting up a billboard in the winter selling suntan lotion will be seen by a lot of traffic, but probably only a few people are going to respond and take action on that ad. They would be the ones who possibly would be taking a winter vacation to a warm climate.

Here are five principles that will better target your efforts to generate free search traffic:

Principle #1 – You Need Your Own Website

The main basic principle to taking advantage of the free search engine traffic is simply, you can’t get search engine traffic unless you have your own website! You can advertise and promote a replicated affiliate site all you want and be very successful, but any of the success you may have will not be the result of organic search engine traffic because search engines simply do not rank replicated websites.

The formula for free search engine traffic is as follows:

Relevancy + Original Content + Link Popularity + Consistency = Non-Stop FREE Residual Traffic For Life!

Principle #2 – Relevancy

The content on your website needs to be relevant to what someone is searching for. It also needs to stay on topic. It is better to have five different websites that deal with five different topics, than one single website dealing with all five topics.

Principle #3 – Original Content

The content on your website needs to be unique. It doesn’t always have to be perfect in terms of grammatical correctness but for best results, it needs to be unique.

Principle #4 – Popularity

Search engines look at how popular your website is with other people. This is gauged by how many other websites link to yours and how popular are those websites?

No links to your site = No rank = No search engine traffic = No leads = No success

Principle #5 – Consistency

Keep providing your website fresh content on a steady ongoing basis.

Follow these principles and your website will have enjoy a steady, growing volume of free search engine traffic for years to come which will provide you with a thriving and productive online business.

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