Five Industry Secrets To Creating Top-Selling iPhone Games


Some of the biggest selling and most profitable apps for the iPhone are games, which makes sense – people are often looking to kill time, and a fun and addictive iPhone game is a great way to do so. This is why Angry Birds is one of the most profitable apps of all time.

Many companies are looking to develop games for the iPhone and Android phones. But obviously, not every game is going to be a sensation. If you just develop the game and release it to the wild, there is no guarantee that it will become a big seller. That’s why we want to share with you the top five industry secrets that can help your iPhone game become a big seller.

Secret #1: Offer a couple of levels of your game for free before people make a purchase. People want to try out games before they buy them to make sure they are fun. Plus, if your game is good and they enjoy it, they will become addicted and want to buy the app so they can play all of the levels.

Secret #2: Find ways of building a following for your game outside your app. Take the case of Angry Birds: They market stuffed animals based on the birds. They let people play certain levels of the game on their laptop, and then direct them to the iTunes App Store to buy all of the levels for their iPhone. They’ve created amusing YouTube videos of Angry Birds. All of this creates buzz and momentum that drive sales.

Secret #3: Reward your customers for promoting your app. People trust the opinions of their friends. If their friends recommend a game to them, they are very likely to buy it. So, give your existing customers incentives for sharing your game with other people. Allow them to unlock secret levels if a certain number of their friends download the game. Give them access to better features for referrals. Make it worth their while to do your marketing for you.

Secret #4: Make sure your game is unique and not a rip-off. People aren’t going to want to buy Annoyed Dogs or Miffed Kitties. They will also feel taken advantage of if you don’t have enough levels and it’s too easy to beat the game.

Secret #5: Make sure your app has outstanding graphics. Graphics are hugely important to gamers. Your game app has to look beautiful, or people won’t want to buy or play it no matter how great the game play is. Creating state of the art graphics will cost you a little more money, but will pay huge dividends down the line.

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