Five Easy Ways To Have A Great Online Newsletter or Mailing List


How many times have you signed up to a list only to be unhappy? People want to get something of value by reading what you have to say. Keep it simple, clean and don’t sell them something or well don’t try to sell them something every time. In essence, give them quality content they can use today. Here are my five ways to have a great online newsletter or mailing list rest a responsive audience.

1) Always Send Your E-Newsletter To People Who Are Your True Prospects. Whenever possible let your prospect sign up for your newsletter. If you are a local business, you may have a mailing list on the front desk or by the check out. If this is the case, the first email is sent to them no later than 24 hours after they came in let them know; once again, this is the newsletter they requested when visiting your business. If you wait a week, they forget about you and will not read it or unsubscribe.

This ensures you are hitting the right prospects and not people who have no interest in your services or products. So how do you know you have interested or true prospects with online forms? Tell them exactly what they will get when they sign up. Offer a free report about your niche. If you have a business on homeschooling don’t offer a report on how to have a happy marriage. The two are different markets though they may overlap. Give them something that is exactly like what you offer if they buy from you.

2) Follow-up should stay on track as well. Once they become a buyer, you can move them to a new list (most auto-responders will do this automatically) and then you can offer up lateral advice or information.

Another example of this is alternative medicine. Say you offer acupuncture should you include an article about nutrition? Yes you can once, you have shared about acupuncture. I like to write something that talks about how acupuncture treats back pain and then talk what foods promote healthy muscles.

3) Offering discounts specials or other incentives to visit you. This is so over done that it’s no wonder people leave lists including yours if you do this every time. Your clients don’t need to know your specials that often. Even a monthly special by email may be too much in some markets. The bottom line, specials don’t bring people back you do with your customer service. Make it fun, and enjoyable to spend their money with you.

Let’s say you are a salon and you offer specials. Make them monthly at the minimum and send them out once a month with the other weeks being valued content. It’s better to send it once a month, talk about what the special is, and then give great content in the rest of your newsletter than to display it every week. Simply put a link to the special of the month on your website at the bottom of the weekly emails for the rest of the month. Don’t have a specials page on your website? Then just a 1-2 sentence reminder at the bottom on the ‘off’ weeks that you have a monthly special.

4) Affiliate selling. This is a big problem. Why would you want to pound your list with everyone else’s’ offers until they leave your list. Only offer them something from someone else if it makes sense and you love it and use it yourself. Be the review, and tell them exactly how you use it, why you use it, and offer to do a free video or webinar training on the product from you. Make it enjoyable and fun to buy this product from you not another affiliate.

I have a spice shop client who worked a deal with an Evoo (Olive Oil) store. They did a joint mailing to both their lists offering a pairing of their products. It went over wonderfully and they now do it every 12 weeks!

5) Be consistent. Let your list know you care and will be there with information and help for them. That when they are ready to buy or need your services again you will be ready. I once had a woman find me and tell me she couldn’t remember my name but had wanted my services again! After that, I never forgot to be consistent with my mailings. I also do a regular or direct mailed newsletter to my buyers. These people hear from me once a month by mail, and weekly by email. No, I am not selling them anything. I am just providing valued information.

Finally, realize people have buying cycles. They may buy from you and them not be ready for your services for a month, six months, or even a year down the road. Stay in touch, offer great content, and make them happy when they buy.

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