First Step to Creating a HUGE Following


Many people often wonder what the first step is to creating a huge following, and making huge profits. The answer? It’s all in the list.

Whether you are just starting out or a veteran marketer, you need to understand how CRUCIAL it is to have some sort of software or script in place where people can sign up for your email newsletter. This allows many things and opens up many doors. For example, you just got the email for someone interested in the niche you have a site about. You can now send out emails about your niche, possibly outlying common problems and your solutions, or maybe a hot new product that you tried and really love. Your main priority for any marketing campaign is to GROW YOUR LIST. Once you start growing it, you need to take it in, feed it, care for it, and go out of your way to protect it. In the end, your email list is your biggest asset, your biggest sales potential, and your biggest income!!!

So what are some ways to start building and developing your list? Check some of these out:

  1. Priority placement. Place the sign-up form for your email newsletter directly on the homepage of your site. Make it visible with graphics so that it’s almost, if not THE, first thing people see when they go to your site.
  2. Multiple forms. Why stop at the homepage? Go and post the form on EVERY page. However there’s not as big of a need to give it as much attention on these pages. Just enough where the viewer can see and notice it.
  3. Provide a rationale. In these days of information overload, you’ll have to explain the benefits of subscribing in a compelling way. Don’t just ask people to sign up… SELL IT to them.
  4. Provide an incentive. Man oh man is the best idea ever. Who doesn’t like a free e-book or something for just giving your email away! What a score!
  5. Refer-a-Friend. In your newsletter ask readers to encourage their friends to subscribe. You can have a reader forward his copy, but you risk the friend clicking on the unsubscribe link. Better yet, encourage use of the “forward to a friend” function that e-mail management services provide.


If you have the kind of business where you contact your customers on the phone or face-to-face:

  1. Ask customers to subscribe as you ring up their orders, providing a small registration blank next to the cash register or a bowl where they can leave a business card to subscribe (and enter a drawing).
  2. Exhibit in shows and actively solicit newsletter subscriptions.
  3. Provide telephone guidelines for employees to explain how to ask for a subscription during each call.
  4. Display your domain on all printed materials with the benefits of your newsletter – on sales collateral, fliers, bags, business cards, advertising, etc.


A final approach is to seek subscriptions from other websites and newsletter lists.

  1. Ask for a subscription during online checkout. Everyone who makes an online purchase should be asked to check a box to indicate his or her desire to receive a free newsletter subscription.
  2. Co-registration. You find partners whom you ask to place your subscription form on their “thank you for subscribing” webpages and offer to put their subscription forms on your thank you page.
  3. Reciprocal plugs in complementary newsletters. Find newsletters you enjoy and ask the editors to plug your newsletter to their lists in exchange for you plugging their newsletters to your list. This works best when your list isn’t too much smaller than theirs.
  4. Use a third Party Program. Sometimes email marketing can become a huge hassle. That’s why many people use third party programs such as MailChimp or AWeber .

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