False SEO Myths


SEO optimization is not a new thing for internet users in general and webmasters in particular. Started in 1997, search engine optimization has developed a lot. Each passing day is bringing new improvements in the field of search engine optimization. There are few myths prevailing in masses about SEO service. After careful and detailed study and practical experiments it has been revealed that these myths are false and do not have any practical implication. In subsequent paragraphs, most common false myths are discussed briefly.

Top of the list myth is that mostly people think that SEO firm penalizes for any duplicate web content whereas it is not the case in actual. SEO firms only penalize if the author of the actual content has copyrights over his work and he complaints against the duplicate content. The only penalization done by SEO firm would be the removal of URL of the page on which duplicate content has been published. There can be another scenario of duplicate content, i.e. repetition of the same content time and again on the same page. It is normally being done by blog writers just to increase volume of their post. There is no procedure to check and then penalization of such offenders.

Second very common myth about search engine optimization is that people say that it is not good to submit your web site on web directories or SEO service. There is no harm in submitting your web site to any web directory. Although web directories had some issues with SEO firms, however those issues are not harmful to your website or URL.

Another myth prevailing amongst most of the web designers and webmasters is that you can increase your ranking by advertising your web site through AdWords advertisement, which is a feature of a very famous SEO service. In fact, AdWords use java script which is not readable by search engine working through search engine optimization, that’s why it is not possible for AdWords to make your site always available in search results.

People normally don’t understand the actual concept of SEO optimization. They do not understand the difference of optimization and over optimization; therefore they over stuff their content by a load of key words and finally fall in trouble. As search engine optimization also have a check on balanced use of keywords in a particular written content. Therefore, the myth “repeat keywords to rank high” simply dies down here.

People have false views about the importance of site map. Just take an example of a tourist who wants to visit Unite States of America. It is very much obvious that if he has the map with him, it is very simple and easy for him to plan and then visit places of his interest. Same way if you provide a site map to SEO service it will be very convenient for them to optimize and as a result place your web site at a better ranking.

In all, there are many other false myths which are prevailing regarding SEO, which need to be corrected so that people should not go in the wrong direction. Keeping masses at the right path in the right direction is very important so that process of development does not stop.

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