High traffic and high earnings – those are your ultimate goals in building your own website, and you have no plans of stopping until you hit such goals. What a fighter! But dear, while determination is obviously your great asset, it is likewise important to be armed with the right weapons to win the fight. Just recently, you learned some basic details about SEO and you would like to practice it to attract more visitors for your website. You know that you need to have some target keywords that your prospective readers are most likely to search. And yes, you believe in the effectiveness of using keywords to increase your website’s traffic. But did you know that using such “relevant” words is actually a make-or-break move for you? Have you heard of keyword research and how to properly do it? How about keyword stuffing and why it is a big no-no? Dear, you need to feed your mind with lots of information if you really want to succeed.

The Wonders of Keywords

What are the contents of your site? Are you selling gadgets, shoes, clothes, etc? Or are you simply blogging and aiming to earn through advertisements? Read on, and learn how to maximize the effectiveness of keywords and your potential to hit your goals.

• Do the research.

After assessing a term’s value (or how relevant it is for your website), search for it in major engines. This will give you a hint about how tight the competition is and how easy or difficult it is to gain high rankings using your preferred words or phrases. Also, know the importance of long-tail terms. For instance, while a lot of target visitors search for the term “gadgets”, there is a big possibility that a greater number of readers type the term “best price on high-quality gadgets”. Moreover, those who type the latter term are the ones who are most likely to buy your items.

• Avoid using keywords too many times in your posts.

Shoving as many “relevant” words onto your site? No, you wouldn’t want to do that. Ever heard of black-hat SEO techniques? Should you choose to do these practices, you’ll certainly be far from reaching your goal. You’re going to get low rankings. And yes, keyword stuffing is one of those actions that are declared as black-hat SEO practices.

• Be sincere with everything you post.

Before thinking of placing highly-searched words and phrases on your site, make sure that your contents are of high-quality. Make sure every post is detailed; make sure your target audience will be able to pick up something important. You want a long-term success, right? Hence, make it your goal to be of help to your prospective readers. Give them what they need. Doing this will surely enable you to have an increasing number of loyal visitors or consumers. Just be sincere with your words and those key phrases will naturally come out.

Now, you have learned the basics. Feel free to learn more if you want to win your fight for a successful online space with words as your weapon. Use it right and your site will have more chances for high rankings and high earnings. Words – indeed, they are powerful. They can make or break anyone or anything. For this, you should be very careful with how you choose and use them. Doing it right is one way to live life gracefully in every aspect of it, including your simplest to biggest activities.

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