When it comes to running a successful online business, everyone will tell you that you have to build an email list of prospects. These are people who have shown an interest in your business and given you permission to email them more information about your products or services.

But do your email subscribers ever become customers? Just having a list of names on your email list isn’t enough. How do you convert your email subscribers into customers?

Get Your Emails Opened

You can send all the emails you want, but if no one opens and reads them, they won’t get you any results. Spend some time creating subject lines that get emails opened. Additionally, don’t overlook the pre-header space. This is the area of the content inside the email that users can see before opening. Make the most of this space.

Concentrate On Content

One of the most important aspects of your email marketing is the content you deliver. To convert subscribers into customers you have to focus on delivering some of your best content to your email subscribers. That will encourage them to keep opening them and clicking through.

Pick the Right Email Provider

This is probably one of the most important elements that you can leverage to make your email list perform best for your business. Read all the terms of service for your chosen email provider, then try them out using their free or low-cost trial options. You can even buy a couple months to run a short campaign and see how it works for your needs.

Ask For The Sale

If you don’t ask you won’t get. Your readers will need a call to action. Writing emails to sell is a completely different type of writing emails to communicate. Emails that are exclusively focused on making sales use tools of the trade like emotional buying triggers that help a reader choose to make a purchase.

Check Your Analytics

Your email autoresponder software will have statistics about when people open your emails so you can adjust for your audience. This means you will see how many of your email recipients actually click through to your website or sales page. With this information you can judge what is useful information in your campaigns, as well as what isn’t.

Make It Personal

Reading emails is personal. Clicking to open an email only happens if the email subject line somehow connects with the reader. Email is the virtual version of a personal, one-to-one relationship. Although you may send an email out to a thousand people on a list, make each one of those individuals believe that you are speaking just to him or her.

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