You know the biggest problem with most people’s emails?

They’re dull.

Like, really, really dull.

In fact, they could have been written by robots.

If your emails are like this as well, then you’ve got a lot to learn, my padawan (said in my best Obi-Wan Kenobi voice). Because after all, people will just stop reading anything that bores them. Yet if you inject your own personality into your emails, then you’ll always get people who love reading them.

And when I say “inject your own personality”, I really do mean it. You need to write like you talk. Use words and phrases you actually say in real life. And, yes, even if you say the odd swear word, you can sometimes swear in your emails, too (just don’t overdo it because people won’t take you seriously).

Of course, you’ll get some people who won’t like it. Heck, I always have a few sensitive snowflakes moan at me for some of the things I say in my emails. But that’s fine, because these people wouldn’t be a good fit for my business anyway.

Just like the people who moan at you will never be a good fit for your business. But on the other hand, by being yourself, you’ll get people who REALLY resonate with your personality. And it’s these people who will make for the very best customers and clients.

You see, here’s the thing…

When you emotionally connect with people on your list, they’ll be far more likely to buy from you. Because first and foremost, people buy people.

But if your emails are boring, you’re not going to get many buyers at all.

Now, I must say this: There is a difference between being “entertaining” and being “funny”. Many people mistake these to be the same thing. Which means they try too hard to be funny.

But remember, buying and selling is a serious business. When people are deciding whether to spend their hard-earned money on something, they want to know the person selling to them is genuine and trustworthy. They don’t want you to be a clown.

So whilst being funny is an effective way of injecting your personality into your emails, you shouldn’t go overboard.

Instead, a great way of entertaining is to tell stories. Specifically, stories that grip whatever market you’re selling to.

For example, if you were selling to the women’s weight loss market, telling a story about a woman who struggled to lose weight initially, before then finding a way of doing so, would entertain that particular market.

So no matter what market you’re selling to, you also need to find a way of telling a story that will engage the people on your email list.

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