Magento is the most popular and the most extensively used platform among online stores. But does it offer everything that you want? Well, not really! The ecommerce Industry is a planet of online businesses. It includes all sorts of businesses listed up to sell their products and services.

These businesses scale from a small pin maker to a heavy machinery selling company and from paper napkin sellers to premium fashion brands. All these businesses have diverse needs. They need different features and functionalities to present their product and sell. These diverse needs can never be satisfied under a single umbrella solution. And that’s why there is a need for solutions that can help solve these problems.

Why You Should Use Magento 2 Extensions?

After the success of Magento 1, Magento Inc launched Magento 2. – The advanced generation solution of its predecessor. It was powered with all the latest features and commonly asked functionalities. Yet, Magento shortfell to satisfy the demands of the ecommerce industry.

As its name suggests, Magento 2 Extensions extend the functionality of your online store. It pushes the limits of your website while allowing you to add whatever feature you want. Whether you want to add inventory and warehouse management features features or want to offer one step checkout to complete purchase, there are plugins available.

Some of the Magento 2 Plugins that you must have are,

Language Translators

You would definitely not want to confine your app to a specific part of the world. If there is a customer from a different part of the globe who wants to buy your stuff and is ready to pay the cost, then why not do this? When your website content is available in multiple languages, it become international and help customers who speak other languages. This way getting a language translator provides you great benefits. So, get a Magento 2 Plugin that can translate and make your online store multilingual.

Mobile App Builder

Ecommerce is an old story now, this is the time of Mobile Commerce. A mobile app drives good sale for any online store and also adds traffic to it. Transform your Magento 2 Modules into a mobile app with the help of extensions. These plugins help you to create a native mobile app on your own and that too, without any tech support. Just enlist the features that you want and start selling through your app!

Search Engine Optimizers

Nobody cares whether you exist or not, till the time you are not visible. With Magento 2 Extensions for SEO you can optimize your website content and make it search friendly. It can create a good visibility along with branding. Such plugins not only put you at the top in search rankings but also create sales opportunity.

Product Designer

When you can design your products within your web store, it saves money, time and manpower. Product designing plugins are a great help to fashion and accessories store. There are extensions available, which allow your customers to design their products and purchase it. With such functionalities, your website becomes more interactive and delivers a superior customer engagement.

Web Marketers

To give your online shop a known identity, you will have to market yourself. Marketplace offers extensions that runs marketing practices for you. These extensions can send emails and newsletter for your online store. A few plugins also post ads of your brand and product range. Adding this feature with your SEO practices can bring you a good web traffic with genuine customers.

So, these were a few extensions that can expand the functional limits of your online store’ existing Magento 2 Modules. Search out the best plugins for your site and get the best out of your Magento 2.

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