The most important aspect of a good Search Engine Optimization is making your website easier for both the browser indexing robots and the human users to understand correctly. Although browsers have become increasingly sophisticated in the many ways it ranks content, in many ways they can’t see and understand a web page the same way a human does. SEO helps the Search engines determine what each page is about and how it may be helpful for the users.

The best way to describe SEO’s importance is “The tree falls in a forest” if no one is around to hear the sound, it may not exist at all. This translates perfectly to how search engines rank your content. If there are no links, promoting, marketing, sharing, buzz created for the content, search engines may choose to ignore it.

SEO isn’t just about having a Search Engine friendly website, its also about marketing. This may be the most import concept to grasp about the functionality of search engines. You could have a beautifully crafted website, but its content can remain invisible to major browsers unless it gets promoted. This is due to the nature of search engine algorithms, which relies on primarily on the metrics of relevance and importance to display results.

The Browsers by themselves have no gauge of quality and as a result there is no way to discover beautiful, helpful, or interesting pieces of content on the web. Only humans possess this power to discover, react, comment, and, link too. the only way great content can reach the greater public is simply that it must be shared and talked about. Browsers will handle the rest; They do a great job of promoting high quality content on websites that have become popular, but can not generate this popularity. A talented internet marker can preform the tasks that will generate the popularity that the content will need to raise in the ranks of major browsers

In the mid-1990’s when search engine marketing began keyword tags, keyword stuffing, manual submissions, meta keywords, manual submissions, and back linking were all regular tactics to rank well in the major browsers. In 2004 internet marketers began focusing more on anchor text, buying links, link bombing and interlinking farms of websites to generate the traffic/ ranking there were looking for. in 2011 social media marketing has taken power and is used regularly for high traffic and SEO.

“Change is constant in the world of search”. So the future is uncertain for SEO marketing tactics but one thing remain and that’s the need of staying competitive on the web. Some have claimed that SEO is dead, or SEO my result in spam. As we see it, there is no need to defend SEO other than simple logic. Websites compete for placement in search engines, and those with the most experience and knowledge with ranking receive the benefits of increased visibility and traffic.

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