If you are operating or own a website, you might have noticed the frequent change in the search engine rankings. A website ranking varies, even on the same device, using the same browser and using the same keyword phrase or search term. A majority of users have been looking for answers about this strange phenomenon, and today we are going to talk about the reasons why does the search engine ranking change frequently?

People are not well-versed in the Google’s mysterious ever-changing search ranking. However, these changes are quite intentional, and these search results variations can prove much more problematic for marketers and businesses. Here are some of the factors that play a vital role in a website ranking changes.

Actualization of the algorithm
Algorithm update can affect your website in two ways. First, it may be a new algorithm (or a significant update to an older algorithm) published by Google. Now that the Google Penguin algorithm is in real time, and Panda part of the central algorithm of the search engine (and therefore probably updated more frequently than before), Penguin and Panda are the main updates to look for, regardless of your niche and type of business.

Rankings are a zero-sum game: if a page’s ranking improves, at least another page should fall into the SERP. That’s why SEO is an endless process, rather than a single effort: even if you reach the top, competitors can exceed any minute by improving their pages.

Manual search engine criminalization
Manual actions are enforced by Google’s human reviewers when they determine that “the pages on your site are not compatible with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines.” There are several reasons for manual actions; The most common ones are hacked site, user-generated spam, artificial backlinks, thin content, and dissimulation.

Google Ads (AdWords) present on the Page
Google places ads on its AdWords PPC advertising service on its Search Engine Results Pages. Some of the ads are at the top of the first results page, and some show up off to the right-hand side. All these ads can change the appearance of the results you see. A search that has your business website ranked number one for a keyword phrase may look different on another system as the number, and the position of ads will change.

Previously Clicked Google Links
Searching Google using the same keywords and repeatedly clicking on specific links from the results, will start to change the Google result. Pages that you visit frequently will start to show up more in your results, moving higher on the page and creating a false impression that it has a high rank.

A well-established SEO company who offers Search engine marketing can help you with all these ranking fluctuations and concerns.

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