Nobody ever says “I wish I could receive more emails”. So when somebody signs up to receive emails from you they are giving you very special permission to send them information.

Email marketing is about making real connections with real people who want to hear from you. As they receive your messages, they’ll grow more attached to your brand, engage with your content and be much more likely to buy from you.

So where do you start with email marketing?

1. Determine Your Objective

What do you want email marketing to accomplish for you? Do you want to increase sales for your product or service? Do you want to develop relationships with subscribers? How will it fit with your overall marketing strategy?

2. Identify Your Ideal Subscriber

Your can’t sell everything to everyone so the more focused you are your ideal subscriber, the easier it will be to connect to that individual. What problems can your product or service solve for them? How can you make their life easier or more comfortable?

3. How Will You Get Email Addresses?

You can’t use email marketing if you don’t have any email addresses to send your messages. The most common way to build a list of addresses is via an email opt-in form on your website. Or you can direct prospects to a specific landing page where they are offered something for free, like a report or eBook, in exchange for their email address.

4. What Are You Going To Email Them?

A lot of businesses know that they need email marketing to develop their business, but get stuck trying to decide what type of content to send their subscribers.There is a whole variety of options. You can send welcome emails when somebody joins your email list, educational emails about your niche or industry, newsletters, e-courses and, of course, promotional emails where you’re offering products for sale.

5. How Often Should Use Email Marketing?

There’s no one right or wrong answer for how often you should send emails. If you’ve got nothing of value to say via email, then don’t send an email. If you send an email every day for two weeks then wait three weeks before sending the next one, your subscribers may have forgotten about you. Remain consistent. If you email once per week, stick to that schedule and ensure that every email you send provides value to your subscriber.

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