You’ve probably gone to a lot of hard work to get somebody to join your email subscriber list. But are they then ignoring your emails or even unsubscribing almost as soon as they’ve signed up? Email marketing is still the most effective form of online marketing. So you don’t want to give up on building your email list.

You have to take care with your email list. Treat everyone on it as a potential customer, because that’s what they are.

Pay Attention To Your List

If your emails are not getting responded to, reassess your offers and check for errors in your autoresponder delivery process. Having said that, don’t get embroiled in the “They’ll unsubscribe if I send too many emails.” There will be unsubscribers regardless of what you do. The loyal customers will always remain, so let the non-buyers filter themselves out.

Don’t Continuously Send Sales Messages

People signed up to your list because they believed that you provided value. They will ignore you or unsubscribe if all you do is send them sales messages. Yes, you will have to send some sales messages but also send them special rewards, giveaways, bonus deals and discounts. Make them feel they are valued for opening and reading your emails.

Your Subject Line Is Dull

The subject line of your email is vital to get your email subscribers to open the email. Make sure your subject lines are appealing and not commonly used ones. Don’t trick people into opening your email with a subject line that doesn’t deliver what it promises. That’s a sure way to lose the trust of your subscribers.

Remember Your Target Audience

It’s much better to have fewer subscribers that are really targeted than to have thousands of untargeted subscribers who will hardly ever buy from you. If you have various offers for different niche markets, segment your email lists to make sure you send the most targeted offers to the appropriate audience.

Have A Proven Sales Funnel

People become your email subscribers because they want to know more about you and your products and services. If you just aimlessly send out emails, occasionally with information with a sales offer thrown in from time to time, your messages may seem to be unorganized and ambiguous. A solid email marketing sales funnel guides your email subscribers through a pre-planned series so that they get all the information they need, in the correct order and leads them to want to buy from you.

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