With the increased use of internet in this time and age, one tends to wonder as to why we share so much content over the internet. Either it be on blogs or social media platforms, all we see is people sharing what they find interesting. Articles on food, clothing, accessories, information technology, scientific facts & findings and everything our universe can encompass.

We go through so much content and shared items in a day that we forget to ask ourselves as to why is this important? Why would anyone want to post so much information on the internet or on a particular topic? Let’s discuss some reasons to why this is done.

The first question that we should consider is why do people write on a particular topic? Maybe it’s related to their work, maybe it’s their passion, maybe they like researching on that particular topic or maybe they just like to write. To think between the lines is the golden rule. One reason might be that they want to attract their target audience by what they have to say. Opinions matter a lot and some people develop a strong and loyal customer base by what they have to say. Increased visitors to your blog or website mean that you have a strong following. Content is king when it comes to sharing online. A well written piece can help attract more people than you can imagine. Social media has a direct contribution to this. Sharing on Facebook is one example. This also eliminates all geographical differences therefore making it viral. Good content helps your ranking on Google, this content works for you and your product/service that you support. Yes, Google monitors your content structure and improve your ranking.

The next question is how to make your content appealing to your target audience. Use understandable, friendly and commonly used words but make it catchy and unique. The cherry on the cake would be to customize your message by using images and media clips. What you write is what you communicate to people spread all over the world. Make sure to be precise in what you’re saying as well as staying concise. Keep it short and simple. Try to stick to your message, because if you disorder your article with many messages, it will give a confused message. By doing so, your shared content will get a good rank and reach. But the bonus on this would be to couple this with a good SEO strategy. SEO is vital for survival in this era.

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