Imagine this:

You walk into a bar.

There’s a woman you like the look of (and if you are a woman, you’re gonna have to just pretend you’re a man here, because it won’t work the other way ’round… )

So you stride up to her…

With a bit of “swag”…

Then you reach her and say:

Wanna come back to my place?

Probably not the best plan is it.

Unless she’s very drunk, extremely desperate, or you’re Brad Pitt, she’s probably gonna say no.

I mean, she doesn’t know anything about you.

You’ve built no rapport.

No trust.

No nothing.

For all she knows, you could be an axe-wielding psychopath.

Instead, you’d just start a conversation with her.

Flirt a bit…

Find out more about her…

Let her find out more about you…

Take her on the dancefloor (unless you dance like me, in which case, don’t do this)…

THEN, you can ask her back to yours.

Much better chance she’ll say yes.

But let’s be honest… you’re not stupid. You of course knew this. As most people do.

But why do most people ignore this formula when selling something? And instead, try to ram their products and services down people’s throats before they’ve built up any trust themselves?

It just doesn’t make sense.

So here’s the thing:

Instead of sending cold traffic to a sales page, you need to get them on your email list. This way, you can then build rapport, trust and respect by sending them daily email (which is a very effective email marketing strategy).

I mean, most sales aren’t closed until between the 5th and the 12th point of contact between the buyer and seller. So by sending your email list daily email, there’s a much better chance you’ll make the sale. This is mainly due to the fact the people on your email list will both like and trust you a lot more.

Of course, you have to make sure you’re sending high-quality emails.

And by “quality”, I mean they have to build trust and respect, and they have to be entertaining. After all, nobody on your email list wants to read anything boring. This really is an email marketing “101”.

But if you get this combination right, you’ll make sales for fun.

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