When working online as online entrepreneurs we want our emails to be opened by as many of our subscribers as possible of course. How do you accomplish this? In this article I will reveal methods that will help you getting higher email open rates for your auto responder campaigns and broadcasts. To begin with you need to make sure that your emails are not in jeopardy to end up in your subscribers spam folder at their email services. Usually auto responder providers provides tools to check the level of spam words in your emails. So you need to check your emails out with this tool before sending them out. It is also important that you enter your own full name in the “from” field in your email letters, so that your emails will not be regarded as spam. This could happen if the subscriber have forgotten who you are.

Subject lines

Be a bit mysterious in your subject lines, Write subject lines that will grab the attention of your readers. The subject lines should involve what you will share in the ad copy of your email. However, do not reveal too much in the subject lines You can also benefit from being a bit mysterious to begin with in the ad copy as well, before you are getting to the point. This is a good strategy because we want to get our subscribers curious enough to open our emails, but also making sure that they will read the whole email. Make sure to not make your subject line to long.

Keeping them interested

To keep your subscriber interested in the content you are sending out you need to be entertaining, make them smile and laugh. Because you should never bore your readers, that will lead to people un subscribing and a low email open rate as well. Be creative in your emails and use story telling. Share with your subscribers something that you have learned in online marketing,something that have helped you make more money. They are members of your list to be taught how to make more money online,so you need to give value to your list regarding that as well. Do not send out emails to often with a lot of links, that will keep your email open rates low, and we do not want that.

When to send

Your email open rates could also depend on when you are sending out your messages. It is for instance a fact that emails gets a higher open rates at weekends. You should of course email your list on other days during the week as well. 9 pm eastern is a time when its good to sending out your follow ups for instance.

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