Email marketing is one of the most commonly used digital marketing tools. As the number of emails read on mobile phones and tablet devices grows each day, it’s crucial to utilize responsive email design. If you are focused on increasing your visibility on the market, you will want to check out our list below. We went out of our way to find the best email designs, ones that utilize email design best practices and work great on any device.

Depending on the device that people use to read their email, the design and content may be changed by the device to fit its smaller screen. Most devices will try to help the user read the email in a clearer way, and hence change the design. Trying to optimize an email message, the user’s device may make font modifications, change image alignment or even delete some images.

While the device manufacturer has good intentions, it often means that what the user sees isn’t what you intended when you designed that email on a computer screen. Modifying the email design changes the intended visual communication of the message that you wanted to send.

In order to make sure that all your communication efforts will reach your audience, you need to take care of this problem. You want to make sure that your design is “responsive” and adjusts to each device by itself (so that the device doesn’t have to force-adapt and ruin your design).

The best email designs are the ones that are both highly responsive and easy to read. If your email design is optimized for various devices, it’s easier to distribute the information to the recipients you’ve targeted.

This is why responsive email significantly improves customer experience. Positive user experience further leads to a higher conversion rate. So, a responsive email design increases the chances of higher profit. It makes it more likely for your email recipients to consider buying your product or service.


A majority of people likes to receive emails. According to recent research results, more than ninety percent of email users check their email every day. This is why email marketing has been one of the leading communication channels for marketers, for many years now.

Over fifty percent of decision-makers read their email from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. Consumers who buy products marketed through email offers spend over a hundred percent more than consumers who don’t receive such offers. So, having a responsive email design may be a key success factor for your small business.



Omni is a responsive email design which includes many useful features, such as:

Omni also includes files such as Template Builder Access, HTML compatible file, PSD Layered File, Full Documentation HTML page and more.

It’s one of the best email templates, and it is optimized for Android, iPhones, AOL Mail, Gmail, Apple Mail, Hotmail, Lotus Notus 8 and 8.5, etc. This email design supports Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook (2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013), Yahoo Mail and Windows Phone.


Flattie is an email template which is created for companies, freelancers and businesses. It is great for people who prefer a clean and beautiful solution to meet their email marketing needs. This design is eye-catching and will surely tackle the curiosity of your consumers.

Flattie is Campaign and Mailchimp Monitor ready. It comes with both Responsive and Non-Responsive templates. Flattie is a powerful drag and drop email template builder. Its features enable creating and customizing newsletter layouts in seconds.

Thanks to its UI design, Flattie lets you easily change colors, move columns, and duplicate or hide content. Its menu has every option that you may need, including options for exporting the layout in your favorite version.

The email client compatibility includes:

Yahoo mail

Apple mail


Microsoft Outlook



Mozilla Thunderbird

Opera Mail


iPhone, iPod and iPad


Storesletter is great for marketing your products and services. There are twelve email templates included, with three layouts and four color schemes. Each layout serves a different purpose. The “Items” layout is a great solution for sending sales offers, or featured products and services to your customers.

The “One Column” layout is useful for sending the latest news and upcoming products. If you choose the “Sidebar” layout, you will be able to send blog info or any other similar info. The Storesletter template is one of the best email designs you can choose for your email marketing purposes.

The HTML file included in this design gets high ratings by users. It offers an easy way to edit it and make it unique. All it takes is some very basic knowledge of HTML/CSS. The file comes with a PSD file where you can add text, fonts, photos, and offers. By following the Readme instructions, you can send great emails to your customers.

This email template is compatible with the following web email clients: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, Mobile Me, and Hotmail. It is compatible with mobile email clients such as: BlackBerry, iPhone, Android 2.2, Symbian S60, and more. Regarding the desktop email clients, it is compatible with Apple Mail 4, Lotus Notes 6.5.4, Outlook (2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, XP) and Thunderbird.


Rocket Mail is a modern and colorful email template which can be used by small businesses. This modern email template includes six color themes with six different layouts and two backgrounds for each color.

Layered elements PSD files are included, so when you add images, you can create your own color scheme. It covers PSD & HTML editing and offers useful tips so you can copy, paste, delete, and duplicate content to create your own layout.

Rocket Mail is a multipurpose email template. It can be used to run a newsletter, do direct marketing, do promotions for online stores and just personal usage. It is compatible with all major email clients.

Rocket Mail is coded to fit different rendering engines. It follows the best techniques for enhanced display in iPhone, iPad, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook 2007-2013. The pattern background works in all programs supporting background images.

In programs which don’t support image backgrounds, Rocker Mail displays a solid-color background so your recipients won’t notice much of a difference. It can be used in any email program or online service which supports importing and editing HTML.

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