Web content writing is an important skill. When writing blog posts or content for your website, SEO optimization is just as important as content quality. Both count! The quality of your web content is critical to the success of your website or blog in both of these respects.

Many websites contain little other than graphics or photos and wonder why they never get a high ranking on Google – and let’s face it; Google is the place to be! OK, Bing is not bad but neither Bing nor Yahoo is in the same class as Google. If you want to make it online, you must have at least a Page #2 ranking on Google – within the first 20 top ranked web pages.

SEO Optimization and Google Ranking

SEO optimization is important factor in your ranking. Google lists individual web pages and posts, not entire websites or blogs. Every one of your pages or posts must offer good content to readers. Each complements the other, and a site with one great page and another 10 pages totally devoid of content might pull that first page way down in the rankings.

The reason why article writers, or article ghostwriters are they are often called, are so important is that they can not only write great content for you that is well optimized without excessive use of keywords, but also because they understand what Google is looking for. At least the best of them do!

Those article writers that understand this will help you with the general SEO on your site in addition to giving you content that will display your authoritative knowledge of your niche or subject. Google is very keen on authority sites, and if yours doesn’t display an expert knowledge, then forget a high ranking.

Write Your Own Blog Posts and Web Content

However – and this is the subject of this article – if they can write it for you, why can’t you do it for yourself? If you have a passion for your subject then that passion will show through in your writing. What do you believe your readers would prefer?

A. Grammatically correct writing, using an academic-style approach to your topic that presents the facts of the topic in a sterile but correct and perfectly written manner, or:

B. Web content or blog posts written by somebody that displays a deep passion for their subject, even though the grammar might be dodgy and the spelling maybe not quite right. You can see they know their topic, but might not be able to write about it using perfect language?

Personally, I prefer the latter, although some prefer the first option. Many people get their hackles raised when they see badly written articles or web content even if the message is clear and compelling! So what’s the solution – A or B?

Web Content Writing is for Readers – Not Search Engines

You have likely read or heard this several times. You should write for your readers and not the search engines, but in practice that is not quite true! Your readers might prefer web content writing that shows passion, even to the extent of ignoring the various errors in grammar and possible overuse of keywords.

The reason people use keywords too much is to get themselves a high ranking on Google for these keywords. The problem is that Google is wise to this, and your web pages and blogs will suffer if you use that approach. Search engine algorithms, crawlers or spiders, whatever you call them, cannot read passion – just character strings.

So – why not use both? Why not write in a passionate way about your subject, but also present it with correct grammar and spelling relevant to your target market? Web content writing need not be a special skill for many people, but if you want to combine A and B, why not have your own words written in a compelling but grammatically correct manner that meets the expectations of all your readers – and potential customers if you have a product or service to sell?

Writing Blog Posts Yourself – or Subcontract It

You can achieve this in only two ways: learn how to do it yourself, or have somebody write it for you. If your first language is not English, then you will likely have a problem. It is unfortunate for many that English is the main language used online – unless you are Chinese. If so, even you will have to present your website or blog in English if you want to take advantage of what the entire world can offer you in visitors, readership and sales.

Web Content Writing and SEO Optimization: Conclusion

To recap: it is very important that your web content is written in a way that your visitors can understand. However, it must also enable Google and other major search engines to establish the meaning of your pages and blog posts. This is fundamental to the SEO optimization of your website or blog.

If you feel confident doing this yourself, then do so. If you do not then have it done for you. Web content writing is a skill that some have and many do not. Writing blog posts is not difficult, but SEO optimization involves a deeper and more fundamental understanding of search engines. Both your SEO optimization and the quality of your web content writing are the most important aspects of your website or blog! Make them good – for your readers and for Google!

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