In the times of growing influence of eCommerce on businesses and sales, acquiring enough visitors to the websites is the greatest challenge confronted by retailers. While the goal is to acquire as many visitors as possible to their sites, how long they are staying and whether they will be visiting it again are also paramount concerns. Inconsistency in organic traffic is one of the top factors troubling most online sites and there are innumerable distinct causes of website’s traffic to either rise or drop down. The points in the subsequent section are not in any order to present the causes of depletion in website visitors but are discussed to understand what mainly influence the number of visits to a shopping site.

Website fails to impress visitors

This is a definite reason for a lower number of visitors to any eCommerce site. People are not intended to visit it because they did not like the content, and even worse, did not get any of the things they have wished for in their first visit. A convenient way to tackle this is making the layout, graphics, banners, product presentation and everything else look good on the site. Besides, retailers need to perceive the interests of their target audiences precisely to put everything they want on their site.

Arduous Checkout process

Many customers expressed that their discomfort lies mainly on the difficult and tedious checkout process in the online shopping sites. Sites asking for a lot of confidential information including all financial credentials, irk them and make them reluctant to proceed. Thus, to hold back the visitors, eCommerce merchants should de-clutter the checkout steps and keep some trust seals or icons of trusted gateways to let customers be aware that their details are in safe hands.

Undefined Call-to-action

Many times, a website’s visitors abandon it and never visit it again because they could not find any specific option pushing them forward for the final order placement. So, to make sure visitors proceed on after choosing their products, shopping sites need to have a clearly visible option for Call-to-Action. To be precise, there’s need for a single button for that so that none of the visitors get confused regarding how or from where to proceed for checking out.

Presence of any broken links

Useful links on the website give a basic expectation to users that they will be headed to some resourceful information on clicking them. With each click, they hope to get one step ahead to the right place. However, any broken or misplaced links break the promise to visitors, fail to redirect them to a useful path and leaves them wondering about what to do next. Thus, eCommerce merchants need to run routine tests and update all links to make sure that all the links are properly working.

Imprecise site navigation

Most eCommerce sites tend to be a bit complex with many pages. Site manufacturers divide each product into several categories, create separate page for order confirmation, check out and so forth, to make it understandable to the visitors. However, chances are there that visitors will get lost if there is no clear navigation or the structure of the pages are not in proper sequence. It is essential to have a logical structure for the website to offer clear navigation to visitors and help them find their way to desired pages easily.

Closing thought

Every eCommerce merchants need to find first the factors that are stressing out visitors for ensuring a consistent stream of traffic to their stores. While there are a lot of more explanations behind the falling number of customer visits to a site, these are the most suspected ones. If online retailers perceive these facts beforehand and know well how to deal with them, they can surely enhance their traffic and assure affluent sales.

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