The welcome email your subscribers receive after signing up for your list is the most read email on your entire list. Just about anyone subscribing will read it to get their opt-in freebie. In other words, you have their attention more than any other time. Yet, the welcome email is often one of the most boring, and most neglected piece of your entire email funnel.

You set it up when you first set up your list and then forget about it. It’s time to review it and make sure you profit from the fact that you have the undivided attention of your readers.

Before you start editing away, step back for a minute and do a little bit of planning. If you’ve read my last post about monetizing your opt-in report, you already have a pretty good idea of the types of products you should offer your readers after they sign up. In fact, using the same offers that you’re making in your lead magnet is a very smart idea. It often takes seeing the same offer a few times before people bite.

Start with a little bit of planning. Think about your target audience and what attracts them to your list. Why do they sign up and why is your lead magnet working well. Using that as your starting point, think about what they need to do next. What products or services will help them reach that next step? That’s the offer you want to present them with. Work it into your welcome email, your lead magnet and your thank you page.

As far as the email itself, it should accomplish 3 important tasks. (1) Deliver the lead magnet. (2) Engage your readers and ideally get them to reply to you. This will help with future deliverability of emails. (3) Make an offer and profit from your subscribers.

Keeping that in mind, sit down and compose your welcome email. Don’t rush through it. This has a lot of profit potential. Write it, edit it, and tweak it until you’re happy with how it performs. Track your clicks so you can learn how well it is performing. If hardly any subscribers click on the link for your offer, go back and change it. Change your copy and call to action and see if you start to get better click through rates. If not, consider using a different offer until you find something that converts well with your new subscribers.

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