This is a topic that everyone who owns a website wants to know more about. What are the best things to do when it comes to marketing on Google and other search engines, what are the options that you have and what is the most effective method to go about doing things?

There are numerous things that website owners should and shouldn’t do, and we have included some of that information below.

The pros and cons of organic SEO:

It is true that any hard core SEO fanatic will point out that organic SEO is the best way to go, and they are right in most cases. However, there is more to SEO and PPC than just what the professionals say, and that is the associated costs, Return on investments, time schedules associated and more.

The benefits of organic SEO are quite simple to understand, once your articles and website is optimized organically and ranked by search engines, you will receive organic traffic to your website constantly and regularly for free.

There is more to it however, organic ranking and optimization is a time consuming process. It’s all well and good that you posted a few articles specifically detailing the services that you provide, however those articles take time to get indexed, and optimized. In addition to that your article will then compete with similar articles in the indexes of Google and other search engines and only when it is more relevant will it rank on the first page of Google and or other search engines.

However the relevance of your article or landing page, depends on meeting all the required SEO parameters that search engines have such as relevant keywords, proper SEO guidelines and time. To learn how organic SEO works you will be able to do well with organic SEO in time. In fact there are numerous cases where organic SEO provides more results than advertising.

The pros and cons of PPC:

PPC is widely used now by numerous website owners in numerous competitive industries. The reason for that is because PPC offers what SEO doesn’t, and that is instant results. There are numerous businesses which rely on those instant results and don’t mind paying the price for it. However, the PPC game is not determined by the search engines, it is determined by the competition.

The more the competition the higher the charges for PPC, and if you have an advertising budget then PPC will suit you well, and possibly provide you with great returns on investment also. However, there are times when advertising budgets on PPC can go the other way as well, and there are no guarantees that you will always be able to recover the money you have invested in PPC.

There are professional PPC experts available who manage the PPC accounts for businesses and who work according to your budget. The advantage of using the services of professionals is that it saves you money that you would use experimenting and learning, and professionals know what they are doing.

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