Last week we chatted about Infusionsoft and what it can do for your business. We’re going to take a slight step back now and just talk about email marketing campaigns. So, let’s dive right in.

Email marketing is a direct mail campaign, but instead of a physical mailing (i.e. post cards), the recipient receives an email. Pretty simple! With many of the popular email marketing platforms available, these campaigns can also be targeted based on a variety of factors (geographical location, marital status, buying habits, just to name a few).

Here are our top 10 tips for designing an effective email marketing campaign:

  1. Design – think about how your email will be received, what will the recipient see when they first open the email (the viewing pane). If most of the view is just a graphic with no content, that may not appeal to your prospects, likewise if it seems too salesy. Keep your graphics and fonts clean and easy to read.
  2. Frequency – Our client base is diverse enough that sometimes we’re working on campaigns that target procrastinators (needs a lot of emails) or busy professions (less frequent, more precisely timed). Keep the frequency of your mailings in mind so its enough to stay top of mind, but not too much that it seems like “junk”.
  3. Timing – How well do you know your market? If you cater to busy parents, helping them plan meal times with ease, then sending them marketing campaigns at 6pm may not be the best time. Maybe Sunday afternoon when they’re planning meals for the week, or earlier in the day when little ones may be napping or at school. Track your open rate based on the time of day a message is sent, or better yet, look to see who clicked through to a download, and when they did. Now go from there.
  4. Mobile friendly – Many of us read our email on our mobile devices, meaning the viewing pane may be smaller, but also loading a lot of graphics can be slow. Keep your mobile users in mind when choosing your email design.
  5. Keep your message concise and consistent – think about how much time you spend reading a promotional email – do you scan it quickly or read in detail. Chances are your prospects are as busy as you, and may just be scanning. Stay on point.
  6. The same applies for your subject line – Make it enticing, imply a sense of urgency, and be clear about what you’re providing.
  7. Think it through before you start – what are you looking to achieve with this campaign? Are you promoting a new product or service? How can you lay out the messages so they make sense and guide your prospects through your sales funnel? Do they know what you need them to do? Have a clear call to action.
  8. There’s nothing wrong with a little A/B testing! Design two small campaigns and track the metrics on one versus the other to see what’s resonating with your market. This should only be done on a test sample, not the whole campaign.
  9. Segment your list – Do you have clients that only attend seminars, and never download a whitepaper? Then don’t fill their inbox with a campaign for a new eBook, send them one note to let them know its available, and then drop them off the campaign and keep your marketing efforts to them focused on live calls or seminars.
  10. Lastly, include a way for your customers or prospect to share your email with a friend – ideally using social media. You never know where your next prospect could come from!

Email marketing has largely replaced printed direct mail campaigns, and has allowed small business a greater and more cost-effective reach. With proper planning, digging a little bit into some metrics, and some excellent copy, you’ll be off to staying at the top of the mind of your prospects.

What’s been your greatest email marketing mistake? Or success!? We’d love to hear from you!

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