Companies have a brand and even the products have a brand.

Whatever reason, many of us don’t feel comfortable developing a personal brand. Maybe it seems forced or you don’t want to get involved, but making a personal branding campaign is not as complicated as it seems.
All that means is: As an entrepreneur, maker, professional, your experience, your values, your quality, all this is an extension of yourself and a part of your life story.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.
– Jeff Bezos

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There is a reason that some of the most important brands are often closely related to the reputation of the person who runs them. For example, think of Bill Gates for Microsoft, Steve Jobs for Apple, Elon Mask for Tesla, these entrepreneurs take anything that makes them special and projects it in a very authentic and impactful way. A successful Personal branding concerns:

Being active online is an advantage

Come costruire un personal brand di successoThe strength of your Brand is not necessarily the number of followers you have but the sum of all the activities you own online.
It is undoubtedly a very competitive and noisy world but entrepreneurs who are active online have an advantage because they are able to better distribute their online presence.
In fact, it is estimated that 90% of Internet users are people who rarely contribute comments, content, reviews, etc. You don’t need to win prizes or be a millionaire to build a successful personal Brand. If you are active online and if you share your opinions and you are consistent with what you say, you are already benefiting from the construction of your personal brand.

Choose a road and follow it

Come costruire un personal brand di successo - 2There’s a lot about your Brand that’s out of your control, but your story is one of those things you can control. A successful storytelling is to represent change, it’s about showing your audience how you started from point A to get to point B.
As in any story, yours will consist in bringing light to your motivations, to your roots, to your goals, and for that, you only need to find all those elements that are worth noting and this is to examine your life to truly understand What you are.
Don’t be frightened from the bottom and tell the world how you got to where you are now. The greater the space between the starting point A and the point of arrival B, the more potential it will have your history to differentiate from that of the others.
After all, who doesn’t like to hear an interesting story?

Develop your Brand statement

“Don’t Try to be unique Just be unique”
Come costruire un personal brand di successo - 3Once you have completed the analysis of your person and your story, think about how you can gather all this information in a couple of lines. This is what is called personal Brand statement or elevator pitch and is something you can say when others ask you about yourself or to include them in your online profiles.
Your personal Brand statement consists of three elements:

Every time you do something, tell people

Come costruire un personal brand di successo - 4Starting something and seeing the fruits of the commitment you’re putting on is one of the things that give personal satisfaction. But, in building your own Brand, no one will realize the fantastic things you do if you don’t tell them.
Be the owner of the things you do because if you don’t, who will?
For many entrepreneurs, the first customers are friends and family. The people who give support to what you do are the ones that give the initial boost to your new initiative. So if a starting point or a victory is meaningful for you, tell it to people whether it’s the launch of a new business, the achievement of a certain number of sales, or the sharing of a good review you’ve got about your Product or service.

Share your story through content

Come costruire un personal brand di successo - 5Content marketing is not so easy for any brand. However, it is a very versatile strategy to build a personal Brand because you produce content with your name and share it.
What you choose to share reflects your personality, your interests and at the same time helps you keep yourself active and cultivate your online presence.
Telling stories, teaching what you have learned or sharing your difficulties makes your personal Brand interesting, educational and very human.
It doesn’t necessarily have to start by writing something.
For example, you can start a vlog online through YouTube, or create podcasts, Guest posts in other blogs, or offer a view of what you do through Instagram or Snapchat.

Participate in communities and have a presence in the right network

Come costruire un personal brand di successo - 6The online actions that are left behind for a fingerprint. Leaving your prints in the right places can effectively help you to do network with others, raise interest in your business and attract click on your website.
Your efforts should be to create communities where you can try to involve your audience target. It must not be online because there are platforms like Meetup, which, among others, help you find the right offline communities to take part in your city.

Optimize your Social profiles for your personal brand

Come costruire un personal brand di successo - 8Your profile is where you communicate who you are, what you’ve done and it s also the place where you can share links that remain on your blog, your book, your landing page.
The power of a good bio must not be underestimated. And where’s your digital legacy has the possibility of turning the click of curious people into new potential clients or, anyway, extra exposure for your personal brand.
While your bio has to be indifferent in all the 196 profiles you have, you will in general have:


The World is yours

Come costruire un personal brand di successo - 7Something wonderful is created when you decide to wear your passion and make it public, whether you’re an entrepreneur, an artist, a marketer or you do any other activity that makes your life so special.
Your Personal Brand develops very naturally as a consequence of knowing the person you are and the things you do.
We all have a voice and a story to tell and the chance to build a platform.
Just remember, the world is yours and you have a chance.
Are you still gonna sit among the observers?
Or you will differentiate yourself and decide to make your voice be heard?
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