As a marketing expert with over 10 years experience in organic marketing and 6 years AdWords (PPC) experience I’m often asked the question, which is best for my site, PPC or Organic SEO?

All niches and businesses are different, so are their target customers, areas they cover and their marketing budget. A good professional marketer will analyse both PPC and Organic SEO and tell you the best option for your business and budget.

PPC is great for new sites/businesses targeting a competitive niche, unfortunately in a competitive niche the bid required to have your ad seen at the top of page one for 80% of searches can be phenomenal and cost more than a lot of businesses are willing or able to pay.

It’s up to the marketing company to research your niche and see what sort of bid may be required, not just sign you up regardless as sometimes PPC just isn’t practical. Also, with PPC it is all about control and good management. Many novices will simply select every keyword Google suggests which will burn through funds in no time but target the wrong customers.

Google’s keyword suggestion algorithm doesn’t know who or what you are trying to target and whilst the keyword ‘Windows’ may get 1000’s of monthly searches in your target area a window installer isn’t going to get a phone call from someone looking for the latest Microsoft operating system, although the click they did on you link still costs you money. This is often an underhanded trick used by dubious marking companies just so they can say look! Your ad got 1000’s of impressions, aren’t we great?

Organic SEO or Organic Marketing, which is the term I prefer, does require skill and whilst there are still rogues and amateurs out there offering a poor organic service that will do nothing to help your business, organic marketing isn’t targeted as much by the large unskilled marketing companies offering PPC. This is because a few months into the campaign it’s easy to see that you are in fact not climbing the results and their efforts are unsuccessful.

Organic marketing is also chosen for longevity, unlike PPC you don’t appear on page 1 right away as it takes time to tweak your site, build a good back link profile and promote yourself, but once you do reach page 1 you will usually stay there. With PPC you get instant results but once you stop the campaign your result disappear instantly.

Unfortunately there are a growing number of sales driven marketing companies cropping up all over the country, cold calling 100’s of businesses a day offering ‘First Page on Google’ through PPC marketing, companies with little or no marketing experience. This is because PPC does not need internet marketing expertise or knowledge it simply requires that you study the system and manage your funds and keyword bids, this on its own doesn’t lead to a successful campaign as there is a lot more to it.

A genuine, professional marketing company will always offer both organic marketing and paid marketing (PPC), if a company only offers PPC then it is usually a sign that they are not experts at all and are simply jumping onto the bandwagon.

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