I just love “The Lord of the Rings” films.

Crazy to think they came out nearly 20 years ago now. Still remember watching the first one in the cinema and being amazed.

Since that day, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched them again. The best thing is, they’re still just as epic every time.

The battles, the characters, the music… everything about them… just immense.

It’s funny though, you literally never get to see the main villain, Sauron. This is even though he’s the driving force behind everything that happens. After all, he made the “One Ring” in the first place.

But even though you never see him physically (remember, he’s represented as a giant eye looking over Mordor), you’re still scared of him. Just as the characters are. It really is quite amazing that a guy you never actually see has such a huge part to play.

And you know what? You can create a similar “awe” in your market, even if the people in it never physically see you.

Of course, the awe you create needs to be different to the awe Sauron creates. I mean, you don’t want to scare your market into thinking you’re looking to kill them and take over the world…

But what I mean is this:

You should always be on the minds of the people in your market. Just like Sauron is always on the minds of the characters in Lord of the Rings.

Seriously, not a single day should go by without them thinking of you. Why? Because when they’re in “buying mode” (this could be right now, or it could be a year or more down the line), you’re the first person they’re gonna think of. You’re gonna be seen as “the go-to guy” (or gal) in your market. Which means even if you charge more than your competitors, people will still buy from YOU.

So how do you make sure your prospects think of you every day? How do you make sure your prospects see you as THE expert in your niche?

Simple: You send them an email every single day of the week. And I really do mean every single day. Of course, each email you send needs to offer value to your list. And as well as giving value, you also need to make your emails entertaining. Why? Because this is ultimately what will keep people reading your future ones.

But as long as you are providing value and entertainment, emailing your list daily should see you get an increase in sales – potentially a big increase. Plus, if you’re emailing your list every single day of the week, do you really think they’re gonna go to any of your competitors when they’re ready to buy?

‘Course not.

You’ll be at the forefront of their minds. They’ll see you as an expert. And who knows, they might even see you as a celebrity in your market.

So whilst Sauron rules Middle-Earth, YOU can be the ruler of your niche.


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