The main benefit of getting good at email marketing is this:

You can make money from ANYWHERE in the world.

I was going to say all you need is a computer, but heck, you don’t even need that. Just a smart phone will do the trick. Then all you’ve got to do is run some ads on Google or Facebook, write your daily email, and you’re good to go.

And this is exactly what I’ll be doing next month when I’m on holiday in Orlando.

Anyway, are you going away at all this year? If you are, then getting good at email marketing will mean you really can enjoy your holiday. If not, you’ll be constantly worrying about your business back home. You’ll struggle to be completely “present” whilst you’re away. And I don’t think your family will appreciate that too much, will they? After all, they’ll want you to be relaxed and enjoying yourself.

Whereas if you’re writing a daily email to your email list, you will be relaxed. Because you can be confident that you’ll still be making sales. Sweet, right?

Yet imagine if you weren’t emailing your list regularly. Or worse, imagine that you didn’t have an email list at all, and instead were relying on “word of mouth” marketing (which is the worst way to run a business, by the way) or on telemarketing. You almost wouldn’t be able to take any time off work at all, because there’s no guarantee you’d make any money whilst you were away.

Of course, I can’t definitely guarantee you’ll make money through emailing your list daily. But if you’ve got a responsive email list and the emails you’re sending are giving your list lots of value, then you will almost certainly make a profit from your email marketing.

Though you should also know this: Providing value to your list isn’t enough in itself. You also need to make sure your emails are entertaining. Why? Simply because people will stop reading your emails if they get bored by them.

So just remember, provide value and entertainment in every email you send. This should see you make a lot of money through your email marketing. And, yes, this includes even those times you want to take a holiday. Like I say, all you’ve got to do is run some ads to grow your list and then write a daily email.

Although, in fact, it’s even better than how I’ve just described it. Because you don’t actually have to do ANY work whilst you’re away if you don’t want to.

How? By simply writing all your emails before you go. Then just schedule your emails to be sent daily whilst you’re away.

It’s simple, stress free, and very easy to implement.

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