2017 has kick-started with a good repute for several businesses. As everyone is familiar with Email – as a powerful marketing tool, Direct Marketing Association states that marketers can expect an ROI of $38 for every $1 being invested in email marketing. Email considered as the most powerful marketing tactic when it comes to conversions as it has email traffic has converted more than both search and social traffic combined. Whilst Facebook, Twitter are booming, and Video Content taking over other digital channels, even as more digital products are launched than ever before email marketing isn’t often as easy as it has been.

Today search engines and other online sites have become smarter and understand every language tweeted by the people. Even as marketers have developed better marketing plans, strategies and tactics for a better ROI and lead generation, email marketing in businesses have remained unchanged.

In online marketing, marketers need a list of the existing and prospective customers for email marketing and more. Even though email is the single most powerful marketing strategy to get a higher number of conversions with minimum efforts, it can cause more losses than benefits if not done properly.

While the biggest challenge marketer’s face is gaining subscribers and making a list of people for email campaigns, below are few effective list building techniques you can use in 2017:

1. Upgrade the Content: Several experts believe that the content promotion will be more effective in the upcoming years as it helps users get relevant offers and helps marketer segment people to boost their conversion. In fact, content upgrades will be even more effective in 2017 for two reasons:

It allows users to get relevant offers.

It allows you to segment people. In fact, this is so powerful that many email service providers now actively include automation in their package.

2. Expanded Guest Posts: Similar to the content upgrade is the expanded guest post: it is basically you offering a content upgrade inside your guest post on another blog. In fact, ‘Expanded Guest Posts’ also have benefitted many influencers. To gain most benefits by upgrading the content, make guest posts more impressive and practical

i. Make content upgrade a resource for the audience
ii. Create desire by giving early hints in the guest blog about upgrade

3. Run a Contest: Running a contest is an effective tool for list building as it can hastily boost the size of email list. This also creates a better relationship between subscribers and the marketers. Perform a survey to find out the major struggles among the audiences and run a challenge around the same. Ask your audience to subscribe to the email list to participate and win the challenge.

4. Incentive for the subscribers:You can encourage readers to subscribe to your emails by offering them some benefits in the form of a coupon, discount or gift vouchers. While offering incentives just make sure that: Your incentive is relevant to your site and the audience You make it clear to the subscribers that they will get regular emails You deliver the incentives immediately after people sign up for the newsletter.

Just as it has always been in the past, email will still be very important in 2017. Hopefully, you’re able to record a massive increase in the size of your email list by implementing the above techniques.

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