When determining what is the best direction for a business to go, sometimes people cut corners to try and reach their destination. This may be from the amount of sales people they hire, to the online presence they have for their company. It is easy to say I am happy with what I have to get my message across, all while your competition evolves. Within the age of technology and social media influences, now is the time to keep people engaged with your products and service you provide.

One of the biggest changes is the overall use of Smartphones and Tablets to conduct daily tasks. Many businesses are stuck in the dinosaur code age, while those that have gone to a more responsive platform, are reaching people across the globe. A word of mouth referral is great, however a business with a more user friendly platform will start capturing your prospective clients. Businesses need to ensure that they can target the mobile market and their website will not cause people to bounce and go somewhere else. People have about a 2 second attention spam when they first go to a site and if a business does not offer an engaging platform, they are gone in literally a second.

Just like when someone gets engaged to marry someone in life, they are making a commitment to move forward with that person. If a business gets people engaged with their website, then it is easier for them to make a commitment to what you have to offer. Overall a business is a direct reflection of that business owner. Do you want to look cheap with what you have to offer, or do you want people to see that you really have passion and purpose for what you provide. This all comes down to how one engages their prospective buyers and without being able to reach them on all platforms, a business has decided that they are not worth peoples time.

One misconception is the fact that some cannot afford to make changes in their business. By not having a responsive website that is engaging for people, businesses are losing about 35-37 percent annual revenue to their company. About 50 percent of people use their smartphones or tablets before purchasing a product or service. A company can be 50 Percent of a company, or with one little change, can be a 100 percent of a company. One may have the best product or service in the world, but they are not being found, because they are not optimized for portable devices. Businesses are losing clients to an inferior product or service, just because they have not caught up to the latest technology. Without risk there is no reward, however that risk is usually telling ones mind that they cannot afford to make changes, when everyone around them is progressing.

In the end some people are going to stick with what they are doing and limit their growth of their company. Many are going to take a positive step to reach more clients and reap the rewards. Ones mind is a terrible thing to use, if at a subconscious level, one is sabotaging their overall progression. Negative influences and media can keep a person or company down that they will not succeed, however people do not get into business to fail. A business is completely responsible for what they offer and how they offer it and by not stepping into the current age of technology and marketing, they only have themselves to blame. You now have that opportunity for people to succeed and take control of their market, but it is up to the company or owner to give themselves permission to do so.

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