Building an email list is important for many reasons. One reason is that your marketing database tends to degrade over time, and the rate of degradation is 22.5%, according to experts. A person may change their email address once they get hired by another company. Some may opt out or stop using their AOL address. So, it’s important that you keep building your email list. For this, you can use the tips given below.

Put together quality email content

If you don’t want your subscribers to opt out, make sure you put together high quality newsletters. This will also encourage them to forward your emails to others.

Spur on your subscribers to share

If you include social media buttons in your emails in order to encourage your subscribers to share your content. This will help you get access to more people who may choose to sign up as well.

Hold a contest

You can also hold a contest on the internet, such as a free giveaway. This will encourage others to sign up with their email addresses.

Offer several types of email subscriptions

It’s better to create different types of subscription types based on the segments of market you are targeting. Email recipients tend to click on customized emails. So, if you want to increase click through rate, we suggest that you have different subscription types.

Have an opt-in campaign

You can rejuvenate your email list by running an opt-in campaign. For instance, if you have an old list, you can create an interesting opt-in message for these subscribers. In this message, you should clearly state that you would remove the contacts who won’t respond.

Adding links to the signatures of your employees

You may want to add a link to the signatures of your employees. It should take people to a home page so that they could sign up for a mailing list.

Put together a fresh lead generation offer

For instance, you can offer a free of charge whitepaper or eBook, thus requiring visitors to offer their email address if they want to download it.

Offer a free tool or resource

You can offer a free tool or resource provided the users choose to sign up on your site. This can be a marketing or keyword research tool for instance.

Promote your offers on social media

You can promote your lead generation offers on social media platforms, such as Twitter. All you need to do is run a Twitter campaign in order to promote your offer like an eBook or a tool. However, make sure you offer the tool only when the visitors sign up with their email address.

Make use of your Facebook page

You can also make use of your Facebook page for promoting an offer. You can do the promotion on your Timeline. On your landing pages, don’t forget to place the social media buttons. This will make it easier for your visitors to share your content on social media websites.

Long story short, these are a few methods that you can use in order to build your email list.

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