SEO for your website is a very controversial issue, some work tirelessly at it others think it’s a waste of time. There are still many companies offering to get you ranked on Google page one with your chosen keywords. For the individual it is an arduous task.

However there are some simple tweaks you can make to your pages to improve their Google rankings.

Keywords are words or phrases you choose that are relevant to the content that you include in your blogs and articles to help people find your website on Google search pages. Short-tail keywords are small groups of words and are known as a keyword. Long-tail keywords are just longer phrases. These are easier to rank for as there is less competition.

To find and test keywords go to Google keyword tool.

How to write content Google will love; make it readable useable and shareable. Always write for your readers not the search engines, when you are including keywords. Most importantly give your articles catchy, intriguing keyword rich titles.

Images on your website, see that they are not too big to slow the page loading, images are a great way to interest people and search engines. People often search for pictures so this is another way to rank your pages.

Your pictures should be located on your website not borrowed from elsewhere or the credit will go to the source. Give your image file a good descriptive name separate-with-dashes, not just the number it loads with. The alt and title should have a descriptive phrase. In WordPress it is easy to fill in the boxes the HTML code is done for you. Keep the tags short, maximum 70 characters which is quite a generous number and offers a good scope.

Occasionally when you are searching on Google you will come across pictures, when you see some of your own it is quite exciting and confirms you are wording them correctly.

If your website includes many pictures within its pages add a pin button so that Pinterest users can pin your images. Getting people to pin your pictures is another good source of traffic, everything helps!

If you want to discover further simple techniques to improve your website SEO there is a great little book I have found it is “SEO step by Step by Caimin Jones. There are so many simple little tweaks you can apply that will make a difference.

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