We’ve all done it:

Worked stupid long hours just because we think it’s the best way to make more money.

However, what I tell you here might just change your life.

Because I’m gonna reveal a proven and not-so-secret way to make more money whilst working less hours.

Meaning you’ll actually become a better parent and husband/wife because you’ll have more time to spend with your family.

Plus, more time to actually spend the money you’ve earned.

And let’s face it, there probably – no, definitely – isn’t a more valuable and precious resource in the universe than time.

“So what is this method then, Tommy-boy?” I hear you ask.

Well, if you regularly read my ezine articles, it’s something you’ve heard so many times from me already.

But it’s the single most important thing you need to do.

So I make no apologies for repeating myself.

Righteo, let me enlighten you:

Sending out DAILY emails.

See, nothing revolutionary.

Nothing “bright and shiny”.

Nothing “woo-woo”.

It’s just a simple thing any entrepreneur or marketer can do to make a ton more sales.

The crazy thing is though, hardly anyone actually does this (mainly because the so-called “experts” preach you should be “uber-professional” in all your marketing and that receiving daily emails will just annoy people).

Yet because barely anyone does it, by doing so, you straight away have a BIG advantage over your competitors.


Because you’re gonna be able to “speak” with potentially thousands (depending on the size of your list) of prospects every single day.

And, yes, this includes the people who are also being targeted by your competitors.

Of course, the so-called “experts” are right in one regard:

That people will get annoyed if you email them daily in the way most businesses email (i.e. pure snore-fest content or annoying-as-hell sales pitches).

But if you send emails that are fun and provide value, then the people on your email list will actually look forward to getting your daily emails.

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