An internal messaging infrastructure needs a lot of time and resources to manage and for this reason, more businesses are opting for modern email hosting plans. It is easy to understand why, since maintaining and supporting it continuously will not only add to the expenses, but also increase the possibility of virus infections, as well as hardware and software issues. Such problems could cause email not to function from several hours to days, which is bad for business.

What to Look For

Since email is a widely used for communicating, it can simply get out of control. When you can no longer manage messaging infrastructure on your own, you may need to think about hiring the services of another email hosting. Outsourcing your messaging requirements to a professional email hosting provider comes with several advantages. Read on to know more about the most important ones.

Sufficient Storage Space

Once you sign up for an email hosting account, you usually get a huge amount of storage for every mailbox you create. While some provide MBs of storage, others supply you with GBs for a mailbox. Each one is likely to give you a great deal of storage so you can efficiently save tons of messages. With a more flexible solution, it is easy for you to upgrade whenever you need to increase storage.

Filtering Spam and Virus

Using an efficient email hosting solution lets you block possible harmful emails even before it penetrates the network. Usually, anti-virus scanners are incorporated into the SMTP gateways of the host, where spam is handled in several different ways. When a company wants to get rid of spam, it will make use of filtering methods like whitelisting, blacklisting and greylisting, as well as let you make configurations that send it directly to a quarantine folder rather than your inbox.

Shared Address Book

Users with lots of email clients will find the Address Book very useful since it is a convenient way for them to save contact information that is easy to use and retrieve. Majority of email hosts offer a private, as well as a shared address book together with access to directory services of the public. In most cases, all mail clients that support LDAP directory services can use this shared address book.

Secure Webmail Access

In general, email hosting companies offer the industry standard 128-bit encryption to their mail servers, and this is active throughout the whole webmail session. In essence, this means that once you sign in, the data that is sent to the server and vice-versa is encrypted up to the time you sign out. This proven security procedure will make sure that confidential messages will neither be compromised, nor intercepted by any means.

Secure IMAP and POP Access

More businesses are deciding on email hosting solutions since they allow secure access to email clients by means of IMAP or POP. All of the email traffic is encrypted, as well as the user names and passwords that the email client sends to the mail server for verification. The best hosting companies support the top mail clients including Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Eudora. Others support Linus and BSD clients, pocket PCs and PDAs. Whether you like to manage your mail online or offline, it can be done more efficiently and securely with an email hosting plan.

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