Website traffic generation through article marketing is a strategy that works like gangbusters if you know how to use it. You can drive insane amounts of traffic to your website, opt-in pages, sales pages or offer of any type by this one method alone. However you need to understand the search engines and how they work otherwise you may end up spinning your wheels with little or nothing to show for your efforts. With this strategy, you can advertise or broadcast to the world through the use of short articles that can be easily distributed through free article marketplaces.

Whatever articles you write in your marketing strategy must be related to your target audience in your niche who through their search with the use of specific keywords will find your article or your offer. This is where the power of the search engines kicks in. With rich contents that pop up when your target audience sends in their queries on the internet, you can get a good slice of the internet traffic that is available every single day to your own website. It is therefore imperative that you have a good understanding of the right keywords to use in your article marketing campaign. This means the process starts first with keyword research to find out the keywords to use that are not mighty competitive that you can easily rank for in your marketing.

3 Steps For Driving Web Traffic With Articles To Your Website

Search engine marketing can be broken down into these 3 basic steps as already explained above;

1. Keyword Research – you need to understand the right keywords to use in your articles. If you can put yourself in the shoes of your prospective audience, you may have inkling on what right words to use in your article. These words have to be used in the right volume and in such a way that will make sense to the reader. For example if you want to promote a website that sells jewelries, keywords like “cheap jewelries” might be a good idea. Since good jewelries are expected to be costly, many people will want to find where they can get the best at the cheapest price. You can narrow it down further by making it more targeted if you add a location. For example “cheap jewelries in Atlanta”. Such words or phrases with a decent amount of monthly search are buyer keywords since people searching for them are in the buying mood already.

2. Rich Content – apart from having these buyer words and phrases in your article, this SEO strategy works best when you have rich content. The entire write-up needs to be to give some invaluable information to the reader. When what you have written is informative, educative and probably entertaining enough, you will pique the interest of your readers. This is what will get them to click on your links and convert your web visitors into buyers or get them to follow through with the call to action.

3. Distribution – with the right keyword density and rich content in place, you are now going to get your articles distributed to several places at the same time. The further your articles can go, the better the publicity and the results you will get. Article directories have taken the pain out of this process and you can increase your website traffic in next to no time with the steady flow of traffic that will come to your website as a result of your articles that will be distributed everywhere on the internet. This process can also be aided with the use of social media which are platforms for getting information across to people and which may go viral depending on what type of information you are giving.

Knowing how to get more traffic to your website is a must whether you are an individual who blogs for revenue generation or passion, a small business owner or a representative of a corporate organization. Search engine marketing has made it easier and with the help of SEO service from an SEO agency, you can continually have a steady flow of people to your website.

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