Since the time of its invention, Magento is immensely popular among the developers due to its amazing functionalities, flexibility along with the large community support. Thus, running a successful e-store using Magento is extremely beneficial. However, there are some commonly made mistakes while running such an online Magento store. These problems can slow down the growth of your online business. Hence, read on and try to avert these below-mentioned mistakes.

Installing Magento via FTP
Those, who are new to Magento, make the mistake of installing it via FTP. What would happen if you do so? Well, you might see either some crucial files are missing or some wrong files are present there. Magento offers a downloader functionality. Hence, it is advisable to leverage that. You should consult Magento experts, who would help you to install the Magento pack and to configure it.

Choosing Wrong Plan for Web Hosting
Taking a decision whether to select a dedicated hosting or a shared hosting is really tough for the website owners. See, when you choose shared web hosting, you would get a specified amount of bandwidth and disk space. When the allotted amount exceeds, you need to pay extra charges. Sharing the server with other websites might slow down your e-store as well. Additionally, in the case of shared hosting, hacking a website becomes comparatively easier.

When you select dedicated web hosting, no need to worry about store loading time. Moreover, as the store owner, you can get satisfactory control over your server. However, such dedicated hosting plan is a bit expensive than the other one.

Not Keeping Back-Ups Regularly
One of the basic requirements of managing a website strategically is to keep regular back-ups. If at any point of time, IT infrastructure fails or system breach happens, the entire database might get damaged or lost. Usually, the hosting providers look after this backup services. You need to make payments for availing this service.

Disabling Guest Reviews for the Product
For online shoppers, product reviews are very important. They can’t see the products physically. Hence, they rely on the reviews given by other users, who already have shopping experience from your online store. Now, many users might give reviews without logging into your website or without creating any shopping account. Such reviews go under the guest review section. If you disable such guest reviews, interested people, who want to shop from your site might change their mind thinking your website is not reliable enough!

Magento is an impressive platform and you cannot deny its worldwide popularity. If you give proper support to your Magento e-Store, it can become a huge success. Try not to make the common mistakes mentioned above. Thus, diminish the risks and enjoy the success of your online business.

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