Your landing page is excellent. Navigation to the products pages is simple, descriptions are quite inducing and there’s clear call-to-action button. But, still you are not enough sales figure. It is time you check and reconsider the efficiency of your checkout process.

There’s no point in losing customers who have actually gone through your products, liked some, added them in the cart but abandoned it after struggling through your long pesky checkout process. That is the opportunity of sales you missed. You are having a steady flow of traffic or visitors coming to your site but your sales flow is not matching up to it, just because a huge segment of customers are shoving off at the checkout stage. So, how to make a checkout process perfect? It is just about merging the two imperative aspects, i.e. usability and security. Here’s some coherent tips to get them right and create a quick and flawless checkout process.

Simple Sign in & Guest Checkout

Try to make it as easy as possible for the existing buyers to sign in and keep the options of signing in after people add items on their cart. You can even allow them to sign in via their social accounts in just a flick. And, don’t force the new visitors for registrations. Give them the option to either create an account or just checkout as a guest by being the first-time shopper.

Save up time in form filling

While the key is to save the valuable time of your first-time buyers, keep the form filling details short and precise. Further, to make the process of form-filling pretty fast, visually indicate the typing errors and put prefill in possible fields. But, on the whole, keep the process of form filling simple with just the necessary information needed for the purpose.

Put more detailing on the Cart page

Display the cart in details to let the buyers review what they are buying. Plus, let the customers who change their mind at the last moment to make amendments in the cart easily, i.e. add or remove items. Detailed cart page also implies including the exact and final prices as buyers are petrified by the hidden charges like tax or shipping fees. Lastly, to retarget those groups of visitors who generally “window shop”, allow saving of items on the cart. You can later remind them of their incomplete shopping venture and tempt them to buy by providing discounts.

Multiple Billing, Payments & Shipping Options

Provide multiple options for shipping options, and set the cheapest option as the default one. Make use of the postal code of customers to show them for the availability of your service and try to put clearer instructions at every stage to make transactions faster. Besides, allow for multiple payments options keeping options for visa, debit, credit and other cash cards.

Summary for Order Confirmation

Provide your customers with a confirmation email after they have finished placing orders. However, do not just send away confirmation messages from “noreply” mail. Instead, a real mail will be worthy to send and it also gives customers assurity with an address where they could get in touch if they later encounter any problem.

If you go by this list for executing your checkout process, then you’re sure to get more traffic rolling in and giving you more sales than ever.

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