Consumers have their personal preferences when it comes to shopping. Some want to buy a product in-store, while others prefer to visit a store to test a product, then purchase it online usually with their mobile device.

For a lot of people, the whole point of shopping with their smartphone, tablet or phablet is to be able to obtain what they want without any hassle.

Speed and convenience are key to their satisfaction, which many online retailers fail to meet due to onerous requirements including downloading and installing mobile apps.

Though searching and selecting a product with a native app is fast, getting it to one’s device takes time, which online shoppers dislike as it’s no different to waiting in a long checkout queue.

That explains the findings of research company Forrester, which revealed that smartphone users in the US would download zero apps in a typical month; they only would for their favourite brand and social interactions.

So to make online consumers’ purchase journey easier and faster, not to mention enjoyable, Magento Commerce unveiled the Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Studio, a suite of tools which developers can use to build online stores that behave like apps.

As technology evolves, so do people’s shopping habits. What used to be tolerable is now unacceptable to them. So if they had the patience to download native apps two years ago, they want a faster process now.

Unlike mobile apps, which are written in a unique programming language, PWAs are written in standard web languages, run in web browsers, and do not need to be downloaded and installed separately.

They are created using ReactJS, a JavaScript library which is currently leading the tectonic changes in websites, improving the user interface to drive higher engagement.

PWAs are highly recommended for eCommerce sites as they act like native apps whether on mobile devices or desktop computers.

This should come as good news to you if you’re selling through the Magento platform because the front end of your eCommerce website will soon run at lightning speed.

PWA Studio couldn’t have come at a better time, especially considering that mobile commerce is growing at a rapid rate. According to Forrester, m-commerce will contribute to half of overall retail sales by 2022.

Using PWA Studio to address eCommerce issues

Magento’s new set of tools aims to address the need of online sellers to increase their sales and customer loyalty, through a faster page load time and a seamless transition from search to checkout.

Jason Woosley, SVP of Product & Technology at Magento Commerce, explained:

“PWA Studio will provide developers and merchants with the tools they need to compete and deliver the convenience and utility of a mobile app combined with the searchability and buying experiences they get from their desktop experiences.”

The core features of Magento’s PWA Studio include:

Excited already? Keep your eyes peeled for the early adopter program.

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