Email has become one of the most widely used forms of communication we have, especially within the world of business. The use of texting is the main rival to email and in the field of social media may even outdo email. In the business world, however, the much greater flexibility of email and its greater capacity makes it the leader. If you are in an online business, there is no better way than to promote your business with email marketing. Marketers will build whole projects around the use of emails. One of its greatest advantages is that messages can be sent when it is convenient for the marketer and read or responded to by the recipient when it is convenient for them. The message remains on a computer system until consciously removed and can be responded to almost at the tap of a key. It is quick, convenient and free; – the perfect marketing tool.

Let’s look at the best email marketing strategy which can help to grow our businesses. If you are in the early stages of developing your business you may be looking to start building your database by buying a prospect list to promote your products. In this situation, a short but punchy email with a link to a landing page or sales page is all that is required. Remember that the two crucial features of any prospecting email are:

1. A subject line which will encourage the recipient to open the email.

2. Content which will create interest and persuade the reader to click on your link.

To back up your email campaign it is vital to have it linked into an autoresponder. This enables you to follow up on those who respond to your offer, whether they actually buy or just show an interest. As your list begins to build it is so important to stay in touch and build a rapport with your subscribers. The distribution of newsletters, content emails, links to items of interest, articles, videos, etc. will help to keep your list happy and interested. It isn’t difficult to see why it is so helpful to promote your business with email. Never blanket bomb your list with sales pitch after sales pitch. In the process of your regular communication with them, inform them of any new product you have available. Include a link to your sales page and let your copy do the rest.

Your webpages should give your visitors an email link through which they can contact you too. Email isn’t just one way! If a potential customer likes your offer but has a particular query the opportunity to seek an answer could make the difference between a sale or an opt-in and no action being taken. This is a very important item on the list of email marketing best practices. Make the email link very apparent. Many people, even in this day and age, are a little wary of anything on the internet. If they see no possibility of contacting the owner of a website they may be reluctant to engage further, even if they have no specific reason to send a message.

Learning the techniques of how to promote your business with email and how to incorporate tried and tested email marketing systems into your business is vital to your success.

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