Buying stuff on the Internet can be kinda addictive-once you start, you can’t stop-as it can be done anywhere, anytime.

Before the dawn of giant marketplaces and eCommerce websites, though, everyone had to include shopping in their list of tasks, whilst nowadays you can just plop on the couch, swipe the screen of your device, and click on a button to make a purchase.

However, despite loving its convenience, majority of consumers would still drive to bricks-and-mortar shops to buy big-ticket items, according to a new study.

Nearly half of consumers polled by digital marketing firm PushOn said they prefer to buy expensive products like a new kitchen or bathroom in-store.

The reason being is that they can see and examine the products before deciding to buy it.

The report reveals 47% of 1,000 consumers actually research online, and once they have their heart set on a product, they go buy it in a physical store. On the other hand, 70% said they have bought expensive items online but only after seeing it in-store.

That only goes to show that despite the ease and convenience of online shopping, most people still want to see and feel a product, especially an expensive one like a car, to be certain that they’re not throwing money away.

However, they’re not close-minded at all; 45% of consumers said they’re willing to make expensive purchases online if websites offered a technology that allows them to experience a product so that they can make informed decisions.

Is AR the future of eCommerce?

PushOn obtained various opinions from their survey respondents regarding which tools eCommerce sites must consider to persuade them to buy pricey items online.

40% said they would love to use Augmented Reality (AR) to test a product before buying it. Because this technology merges digital images into the real world, online shoppers will be able to see and experience a product by placing an image of it over their view of reality.

On the other hand, 41% of the respondents said implementing a tighter online security will make them feel secure when buying expensive item, hence their confidence to spend more.

Here are the other items included on their wish list:

Aside from great products and speedy delivery, industry experts urge online businesses to choose the best technology that will aid shoppers in visualising their products.

As Sam Rutley, managing director at PushOn, puts it:

“By utilising technology, such as digital chatbots that can act as online customer service assistants or AR apps to help visualise products, retailers will be able to create a more seamless omnichannel experience where customers can access the same level of service and information as they would if they were shopping in-store. This will go a long way towards increasing consumer buying confidence through the higher levels of security and assurance this technology can offer, meaning they’ll feel comfortable spending more online.”

What kind of technology have you recently adopted in your online business?

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