The most challenging part of any eCommerce venture irrespective of the platform it is built of is turning visitors into end customers. Most eCommerce merchants spend a huge amount of time in arresting the interests of the visitors and keep their eyes glued to it. Yet, many times they still don’t buy anything at all. Cart abandonment is also a serious problem faced by them and they struggle a lot to restrict the abandonment. However, Magento, the most celebrated and appreciated solution for eCommerce ventures has now unleashed some excellent features to smoothen the shopping journey of people online and help them keep glued to the site. Let’s have a look.

Klarna: For flexible payments

This time in the latest version Magento tried to make the customers’ purchase procedure more relaxed by providing more options for payment with Klarna. Pay Now and Pay Later are two major options provided along the flexibility of availing COD, credit and debit cards. While Pay Now will help buyers to check out instantly, Pay Later is an extended facility where they could pay anytime within 30 days of delivery. Clearly, it helps in boosting the conversion rate.

Vertex: An integrated feature for precise tax estimations

Tax calculations will now become far easier with the integration of Vertex. Besides, it will ensure transparency in the price and buyers could know apparently how much they need to pay including the taxes. Vertex will help merchants to get all tax estimations at the prices automatically and in real-time by taking into account the prevalent industry regulations.

Amazon Pay to let super-fast checkout

The most overwhelming aspect of Magento’s latest release is the inclusion of Amazon Pay, which recorded nearly 300 million active Amazon accounts. The account helps customers to checkout fast in just a few clicks. Further, it includes the feature Amazon Pay feature which helps buyers to pay in simple steps by saving up their address and payment credentials. Thus, paying is super smooth and fast with Amazon account.

More Shipping Options

This time Magento bring forth many competitive shipping options for the customers. It introduced transparency and the option to choose a shipping rate for the retailers. Obviously, with many famous online stores offering favourable options like no-cost or low-cost shipping, shoppers would expect something competitively priced and Magento Shipping will offer so. It hosts a range of options with different rates for the merchants to opt for and help them meet different delivery timeframes and budget conditions of customers.

Optimised shopping experience

From adding items to cart to the checkout. Well, all will now be far more fast and reliable in Magento stores because it has introduced the most optimised options for both. With the rate of abandonments hovering at a high percentage, the new version will be helpful for customers to add items with one click, checkout without hassles and tackle all related challenges.

If you are currently operating a Magento store, then get the latest version update to enjoy these latest features and deliver optimised and unparalleled shopping experience.

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