While most online websites offer a variety of online payment options, it has been found that many customers abandon the purchase during the payment process. It is very important to understand the customer’s experience with your site and optimize it to improve conversion rates. Customer journey mapping is used to identify customer touchpoints. Different techniques are then used to fine tune these touch points so as to offer your customers a unique and unforgettable experience. In fact it is being said that customer experience will be the key differentiator for online businesses. This definitely holds true for online conversion rates. Here are some great tips you can use to increase the conversion rates on your website.

Be Very Clear About Your Product Or Service

When a customer is making a purchase he needs to have complete trust in the provider otherwise he is likely to go elsewhere. Hence you should be very clear about the product or service you are offering and also your terms and conditions. The more upfront you are the higher is the likelihood of building trust with your customers. A customer who trusts you is likely to recommend you to his or her friends and colleagues. Customer references can be a great way to grow your customer base. Be equally specific about the benefits your product or service will deliver to your customers.

Make Your Online Site Safe And Easy To Use

Do not flood customers with unnecessary information. Keep navigation simple and intuitive. Add search functionality so that customers can easily get to what they are looking for. Use good visuals. Consider adding live chat so that customers can quickly get resolution for their queries. When making a purchase, the customer should be required to enter only minimal information. Online payment insights have shown that if you have a large user registration form that must be filled out in order to check out a shopping cart, then there is a very good chance that the customer is going to abandon the process. Also if you are capturing customer information, it is your responsibility to keep it safe from hackers and cyber criminals. Use SSL encrypting and display your SSL badge clearly so customers know their data is safe.

Provide Different Payment Options

Make sure you provide different payment options. Also use online payment insights to figure out what is the most common payment option preferred by your customers. Make the process for this payment option as smooth as possible.

Leverage Social Media

Provide integration with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Also include a customer feedback and review section. It has been found that more than 80% of customers rely on the feedback of other customers while making a purchase decision. Hence make sure you have a section where your customers can post reviews. You may also consider adding a customer forum depending on your product or service. You can then run analytics on customer feedback to determine the overall sentiment regarding your product, what is working with customers and what needs to be improved. Customer is indeed king and taking his feedback and suggestion into consideration will ensure your product is always market ready.

Offer The Best Price

Price is ultimately the most important factor that influences a customer’s decision to purchase your product or service. Make sure your price is as good as if not better than your competition. Some sites offer a price match guarantee. This works very well and builds faith with the customers that they are indeed getting the best deal available.

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