There’s a lot of great advice out there to help introverts master the art of networking.

And there’s a lot of advice that says it’s for introverts but isn’t.

You can hear stuff like:

“Networking is important, so suck it up and do it!”

(Yeah, that’s helpful.)

“It’s just meeting people – what’s the worst that can happen?”

(Introverts are great at introspection. If they could power through the problem with logic alone, they would have.)

“Go to smaller, more intimate networking groups.”

(All the pain of networking with far less to show for it!)


Now, it’s true that business networking is an important skill. You don’t have to learn it – but if you don’t, you’re running around with shackles around your ankles.


You take a completely different approach.

One that takes business networking, scales it and virtualises it.

No more driving to meetups where you pretend to be interested in business cards… all while knowing yours are going straight into their bin later that night. What a painful waste of time that ends up being, right?

But what about the interpersonal rapport, you ask?

You can get that from your desk. No, honestly, you can. And doesn’t that sound like something you’d be interested in?

In fact, you can get something even better:

Prestige and authority (with some rapport sprinkled on top).

So instead of mucking about with meetups, people come to you, eager to hire you. Not because you shook their hand but because they see you’re a leader in what you do.

All that comes from the right marketing – especially the right email marketing. And while a clever marketer could make a chimp seem like a superstar coach, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m not talking about using ads to trick people into thinking you’re legendary.

What I’m talking about is much easier:

Using ads to show how you already are.

Even if you’re just starting out, you have something no one else has and thousands of people want. It might be your unique experiences, insights, flexibility, perspectives, skills, backgrounds, education, language, connections…

Lean into your strengths and you become legendary.

When your marketing reflects this and builds a connection with your audience, you earn a place in their thoughts – and maybe even their hearts.

Then they reach out to you.

Now, that’s true networking for introverts.

Building solid business relationships from your computer, one email at a time.

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