Email marketing can be a highly effective tool for generating additional sales. It’s the marketer’s secret weapon for turning prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers. If you’ve generated a nice list of subscribers to your email campaign, then it’s important to come up with a well-thought-out strategy. You can get assistance with this from an SEO services company.

It’s also a good idea to hire professionals to carry out your email content writing to ensure you don’t make any of the following mistakes.

Sending Out Emails Just Because

Brands sometimes become overzealous with their emails, believing that consumers don’t mind hearing from them often. Truth be told, this will only scare away customers, causing a hike in unsubscribers. Also, make sure that your emails aren’t overly promotional and contain useful information. If you come off as spammy, your emails will be deleted.

Using Sales-Bait Subjects

Forget about using all caps and pushy sales language in your subject lines. Too much of this will only make users not want to click on your gimmicks. Try thinking like a customer. Everyone wants to be treated like a valuable person, not just a quick buck. Personalize your emails, sending out birthday and other holiday e-cards.

Making Emails Too Long

It’s best to keep your emails short and sweet – this will help keep conversion rates higher. It hurts your email marketing campaign when there’s too much information to sift through. If you have a lot to share, then consider breaking it up in a drip campaign. You can also include links to additional information found on your blog or another site. An SEO services company can come up with the content for your emails based on your audience.

Using No Images or Too Many

Emails without images are pretty boring and those with too many can feel cluttered. It’s about finding a good balance. Just make sure the photos you use complement the content. Remember, too many photos can bog down the loading time for the email, which will only hurt your campaign. It will also make your brand appear to be amateurish.

Using Weak Subject Lines

The first impression you make with your emails is with your subject lines. You have to make your email stand out by using subjects that are intriguing, but not far-reaching. Experiment with different ways to grab the user’s attention. SEO companies that offer email marketing services can be used to help tweak your content for better conversions.

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