Greatness is the ability to solve other people’s problems was the message conveyed by marketing strategist, author and business consultant John Hayes’s during our latest podcast with him.

It offered so much value we had to share it with you in this article.

First intended for inclusion in our email marketing course, the podcast is where we share with you how to create email content and why you should for your eCommerce business.

Solving a problem through email marketing

As you already know, 80% of retail professionals vouch for the efficiency of email marketing in acquiring and retaining customers.

It’s the most time and cost-effective communication tool at your disposal that drives not only new sales but repeat purchases as well.

However, before you can start selling your products via email, you need to first build and strengthen relationships with potential customers by giving them something valuable.

So if you’re running a business that solves a particular problem of a particular group of people, John suggests you create an eBook, a white paper, a video, or anything valuable which anyone can download for free upon subscribing to your mailing list.

“There’s nothing that works better than an email marketing approach which shares good, engaging, educational information people would respond to. It drives leads, engagement and the actual sales,” he explains.

Did you know that one piece of marketing content can be easily developed to fuel your marketing collateral? From the events which he attends locally and internationally, John would create two or three blog posts then turn them into email campaigns, social media materials, podcasts, videos, and the list goes on.

As a matter of fact, his first book was based on a blog post about a conversation he had in one of the events that he attended. The book evolved into a stand-alone event and then into a series of events which took him to places.

Avoiding the itch to write a newsletter

If you thought it was just me and Matt who abhor reading and writing newsletters, count John Hayes in!

When asked about the biggest mistake that businesses make time and time again in connection with email marketing, he responds point-blank:

“The newsletter. There’s nothing that people can get out of newsletters except boredom, so the first time anybody opens and reads your newsletter would be the last time they’ll ever engage with your email. That’s when email marketing fails.”

But if you continue to follow the best practices and deliver value, email marketing will also deliver a positive return for you.

It will only cease to work for you and your business if you neglect your list or create emails that aren’t relevant, have poorly-written subject lines, or have no call to action.

There’s no better way to understand and appreciate everything John Hayes said unless you listen to it yourself.

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